Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 4

I know it is well past time to get back in the swing of things and Blog again!
I’ve decided it will be impossible to play catch-up, so will begin with ‘now’.
As I Blog I will also give glimpses back over the past 3 months as we go into the Holiday Season.
Our trip to Australia was the trip of a lifetime, so many beautiful memories – thank you Linda! You should also read Linda’s Blog http://quiltsinthebarnaus.blogspot.com/2011/09/behind-scenes-at-qitb-2011.html as she has some wonderful pictures of ‘Quilts in the Barn’ the event that got us to take a vacation, it has only been 10 years since we have had a vacation, I know we won’t wait that long for our next one, that is an important lesson in itself.
After we returned home, we hosted ‘Sewing at the Orchard’ Retreat, final editing on ‘Prairie Flowers Encore’ book, then get ready for Houston, drive to Houston, recover, now finishing up ‘Jo’s Little Women’ Club 11, still a few hours of editing while cooking for Thanksgiving, then off to the printer.
After Thanksgiving, decorate the house and many other things on the unending ‘to do’ list, just like you!

I’m going to start with this:

I submitted this block to ‘Quiltmaker’ for their 100 Blocks, Vol. 4, as you can see it is actually nine blocks sewn to make one block. You ‘know’ I love small pieces, this seemed to be the best way for me to accomplish a 12” block. Could be a small doll quilt if you add a border.

OR . . . drum roll please . . . click on the link below to see what my friend Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie’s Quilts) did with the block, it is beautiful! You will need to read her blog and scroll down a bit to see her version and completed project.

Mostly I want to wish you all safe travels and of course a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!

Aug 19th, 2011 dinner – big yum

Don’t you love this time of year, well if you have a garden you do. And lucky me I have a gardner, my DH, Russ. I don’t garden, but I can be pretty good in the kitchen. I should have arranged this on a pretty plate, but this one will go in the dish washer, that can be a ‘good thing’.

The tomatoes are Brandywine (heirloom tomatoes), thinly sliced fresh mozzarella, fresh chopped basil, chopped Proscuitto (from a speciality store in Omaha), fresh ground pepper, sea salt, drizzle of ‘good’ olive oil (William Sonoma, kind of $$, but oh so good), and a drizzle of ‘good’ balsamic vinegar, oh my a REALLY big yum!

I just want to share some of the good things of summer with you today.

Re: Blogging
I know that when I post to someone else’s Blog, I normally get a reply from them, I certainly don’t expect one, I just want to make a comment about their post.
So when you add a comment to my Blog, please don’t expect to hear from me about your post. OK?
I doing good to ‘Blog’! much less write a reply.
I seem to be buried in email, so . . . I’m not answering, please don’t take offense, just think of it as taking control of time.
Thanks for understanding!
Hugs – enjoy this lovely Sunday evening!
PS – we are inside, there are gnats swarming outside, no breeze to move them along. Oh well!