FYI today!

First the quilt top shown above has been quilted, bound and sent to the pattern writers, it is the FTU (free to use) project that uses Crimson Bouquet, this gorgeous quilt was designed by my friend Candy Hargrove, it will be showing up soon on the Andover Fabrics website. really love how Candy used the stripe to frame four blocks and then use the stripe again on the outer border.

Another and important FYI . . . .
I now have a new website that went up late last week.
Same address:

And a new Blog that can be accessed through the new website by clicking on the ‘Jo’s Journal’ tab, or use this link:

We are working to see if the Old Blog can be moved to the New Blog area.

If it can’t it will go away June 2012.

If we figure out how to move it, well, you will find it on the new website in the future.

Watch this ‘New Blog’ for what’s happening with Jo.
Thanks for reading this Blog and look forward to see you on the web!

Happy Stitching everyday.


Happy New Year!

I thought you may like to see the quilt that was in APQ (American Patchwork & Quilting) October 2010, used in our home this past Christmas. It is still on the wall in our living room, the little feather tree is put away until next year. It adds to the warm feeling, with Jo colors and small piecing, what more can you ask for?
(need a smily face here)

Have you seen the ‘Dave’ commercial for Staples? I laughed out loud when I first saw the commercial and enjoy seeing it every time, that’s me!
I’m currently packing bags, the first one with the quilts and class supplies is pretty much ready to go, not zipped up yet, just in case I need to add something.
Next select the clothing that will work in southern California, but will take a jacket as it looks cool there, I’m flying to Ontario Airport tomorrow as I’m teaching 5 classes at Road2CA.
Lucky me, I nap/sleep very well on airplanes if there isn’t much turbulence.

So much to get covered here at home, my dear niece Steph is helping out with mother, so I feel comfortable leaving for a week. Russ is staying home and will keep the home fires burning and pet the kitties for me.

Better get finished up, almost dinner time – I wish you all a VERY ‘Happy and Healthy New Year’!!!!!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Sewing at the Orchard – September 23-25

One short week to try to get over jet lag and these lovely ladies arrived in Nebraska City for the Fall ‘Sewing at the Orchard’ Retreat. The theme is handwork. Actually I think 3 or 4 of the smiling faces are my friends that help me to make this work!

This picture was taken at the end of Retreat, they are still smiling!

We had ladies from California, to Oregon, Florida, to New Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan and many places in between.

The ladies brought Show and Tell – so much fun and inspiration, many ooohs and aaaahs.
Betty from Iowa made this, all hand pieced (with custom cut fabrics) and hand quilted – look at the edge! Amy is helping to hold the quilt. Betty’s work is gorgeous. Betty’s friend Sandy posted another picture of this quilt on the Stitchers Group.
Amy helping Jane show off Jane’s Texas Star’s – hand piecing project. Donna is smiling at them.

We stitched on these sweet smaller ‘Reel’ blocks, using the back-basting prep method for needleturn appliqué.
Loved the color combinations the ladies put together!

We also hand-pieced some of these adorable Spool blocks, so sweet aren’t they! This was a variety of blocks made by the ladies.
And of course we had to play with these hexi’s on the right too! Maybe they look a little familiar?

Kathy Hall did a presentation on ‘inspiration’ and then showed what she made – it was very wonderful. (no pictures sorry) We try to have different interesting offerings at each Retreat.

We also had a little break for wine and cheese before evening dinner on either Friday or Saturday. Thank goodness the weather cooperated as we have to do this outside. No alcohol allowed inside the building.

Stephanie Whitson, a Nebraska Author from Lincoln (who I’ve known for a long time) came down to do a little talk on Sunday morning, she recently co-authored a book on Sod House Quilts, published by The Kansas City Star. This is a first for Stephanie – to work on a quilting book.

She brought some of her other books with her and did a book signing for us. She writes historical fiction and loves researching.
Russ has read every one of her books, I’ve read some of them, that darn ‘time’ thing again. Stephanie did mention that some of her titles are available to download to a reader.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into this Fall’s ‘Sewing at the Orchard’ Retreat!

We also saw these while in Australia!


On Tuesday before we departed for home, we took a couple hour drive up to Castlemaine, to ‘Threadbear’ quilt shop, oh my, I left some money in Australia and brought home fabric. What a gorgeous shop in this antique building, filled with Reproduction fabrics and the most beautiful quilts designed by the shop owner Corliss, Megan who works for Corliss and of course Di Hall’s wonderful designs. I even saw some familiar fabrics by an American designer!

We walked a couple of blocks to a favorite restaurant and had the most beautiful lunch – a salad of mixed greens and roasted vegetables, artisan bread with a couple of cheese wedges. I wish we had restaurants like this where I live. Looks like a small quiche or perhaps a gratin for one meal. Yes, the ever patient husbands were with us and they enjoyed the same beautiful lunch. The water is served in chilled bottles. You can also find delicious cappuccinos, lattes and of course tea to accompany your meal. My cup of cappuccino is empty, I should have had it after my meal instead of before.   Lunch anyone?

Seems we never got tired of talking quilts! I could talk and post more about our trip, I took 756 pictures, but I won’t bore you with them. So much of a wonderful trip/vacation is really personal experience. We enjoyed the company of our friends down under, we saw beautiful sites and countryside, enjoyed beautiful meals, just couldn’t ask for anything more.

We went to Church in Hobart, Tasmania

It is around September 11th or maybe the 12th.

Look what was inside!
I think I’ll sit a spell on this church pew full of ‘Elizabethtown’ – it had just arrived!
Two darling shop owners made us very welcome, Deidre is standing next to Linda, Leonie is sitting next to me.
These are the ladies that had the ‘store’ at “Quilt in the Barn”.
They have also been coming to Quilt Market here in the States, so be on the looking for their wonderful pattern line by ‘Quilted Crow Girl Designs’.

We walked across the street for lunch, love this sign!

I think we all deserve weeks like this!