BlockHeads 2 and Russ and Jo’s vacation

We took a driving vacation after Spring Quilt Market in Portland, OR.

To accomplish this, we needed to drive to Portland, OR.  We allowed 4 days instead of 3 for the drive, so we could enjoy our beautiful country through Wyoming, the NE corner of Utah, across lower Idaho into Oregon.  

We left Portland Sunday Morning for our meandering drive back toward Nebraska.

Trivia: we were gone a total of 23 days, and drove a total of 5,400 miles in 10 states.

Our trip included:

visiting friends south of Eugene, OR

Crater Lake National Park:  Most of the rim roads were closed due to a late snow, still the view is drop dead gorgeous.

Then headed down into northern California to access I80 across northern Nevada (beautiful drive by the way)

I80 took us to Salt Lake City, to I15 down to see Bryce Canyon one day, then on to Zion National Park the next day.  

I’ve been to at least 4 Quilt Markets in Salt Lake City, and never ever took the time to drive to see these parks, why, as we were so close.  Probably that too busy thing?

Then on to one of our favorite places, Santa Fe, NM, spent 4 nights there, we already want to return. 

A visit to my cousin Fred in Colorado, our moms were sisters and we grew up 2 doors apart in Kansas, another over due trip, was a great visit.

Home was wonderful sight, and sleeping in our own bed.

On a sad note we lost sweet kitty Chloe a week before our big trip.  Life certainly has its ups and downs.  I’m looking for another kitty to adopt, we always seem to find each other, have my fingers crossed it happens soon.

Next to share about BlockHeads 2!

The designers were given participation options. 

I decided to make ‘my’ blocks (can’t wait to see which others I add) and to end up with a ‘small quilt’ this year. I have many uses for small quilts, but you all know that.

Be sure and follow the other Moda designers and the Moda Blog to get the links to all the weekly BlockHeads2 blocks.  

Happy Sewing!


Martingale does it again, with the help of Moda

You know all those mini charms you have, and you save them in a jar so you can see them . . . well, now here is a book for you!

Please note the second quilt from the left, is by yours truly.

17 projects to inspire you to use some of your little treasures!

Here is the pretty picture of mine:


You will love this book, you will understand why I make small quilts, almost instant gratification.

Best news yet . . . royalties for the book will be donated to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs.  The group’s mission says, “A dog is a friend who brings a calming influence, allowing people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them.”  Specially trained LCC K-9 Comfort dogs visit disaster locations, community events, and care facilities around the U.S. wearing their ‘Please Pet Me” vests — offering comfort where words often fail.  It’s a little thing — the comfort a four-legged friend can bring — that can make a huge impact in the lives of those hurting.  You can learn more at their website (  This little book will help make a big difference.

#minicharmquilts    #showmethemoda    #madewithmartingale

Happy Sewing!

Moda BlockHeads BOW

Wednesday – – – is still our favorite day of the week!

For now the fun news is that there is a BlockHeads 2 in the works.

The original 6 BlockHeads will be participating, and hoping an additional BlockHead or two will join us.

Just want you to know to stay tuned, takes time to sort this with everyones schedules, so the timing hasn’t been figured out.

Actually some of us still need to put the 2017 BlockHeads quilt together!  I’m one of them.  Maybe this week?  Hopefully by next week. Sometimes life gets the way of good intentions.

I’ve seen some beautiful finished tops on our FaceBook Group, looking forward to seeing more!

Happy Sewing!

2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 48

Once again it is our most favorite day of the week . . . Wednesday!

The question this week is . . . do you have a setting figured out for your blocks?  I’ve seen some people have a plan from the beginning, and have been sewing the setting at the same time.  That is not me.

I’m playing with a setting, a straight set with sashing and cornerstones and a border.  Nothing fancy, very traditional as always, from Jo.

This weeks block is by our friend Carrie:

Moda Carrie –

First I’ll show you my pressing and clipping on this block, and yes I did press some seams open, not my normal routine, but it lays nice and flat.

Block 48, pressing

My block this week.

Block 48

Be sure and check our friends Blogs to see their versions!

Lynne Hagmeier –

Jan Patek –

Betsy Chutchian –

Lisa Bongean –

I want to share what I’ve been playing with for a setting, the picture below is on the design wall, nothing is sewn together, auditioning sashing fabric, cornerstones, and possible border fabric.  This is how I decide what to use.  The border fabric is just folded and pin to the design wall.  I work visually.  I do not do any computer designing at all, this is my mode of operation for 38 years, it works for me, not changing now!

If I choose this stripe, I will stay stitch the outer edge before sewing it to the quilt top. As you know cutting fabric from selvage to selvage has some stretch, I feel this is a bit of insurance that the outer edge won’t stretch and wave.  I may use cornerstones over mitered corners too. Always have options, and sometimes things change more than I imagine when the time comes to cut and sew the quilt top, I may audition something else, who knows?

possible setting and fabric choices

Looking forward to see what you all will do with your blocks.  I’ve enjoyed your weekly block show on Facebook and will be watching as you share your progress.

Thank you ladies for sharing this journey with us. Stay tuned to the BlockHeads, there may be something exciting coming . . .   Jo


2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 47

Greetings, it is our most favorite day of the week – Wednesday!  I can hear you all chanting along with me – cheers back to you!

Question this week, as we near the end . .  if I could start my blocks and quilt over again, is there anything I would change or done differently?  For me each quilt is its own journey.  Life is a journey.  Begin a new journey, begin a new quilt.  I’m going to confess that sampler quilts are not my favorite, but for some reason this is turning out much better than I ever thought!  How am I doing with a non-answer?   I did finally figure out to try to stay with a color palette, kind of did that, mostly I’m very good with it all.  I do wish I had been a bit more creative with the appliqué blocks, especially after seeing what others did with theirs. Odd, but I would look at the block and make what I saw.  Never occurred to me to change it up.  Oh well.

How about you???  I’ve seen some awesome blocks and color palettes over these weeks into months.  I do want to share that, basically when I make a quilt, I make it for me, then share it with you.  Now, making it for me, pretty much means it needs to work in our small home.  I have problems using muslin from day one, circa 1980, so I avoid it.

I love earthy colors.  Reds clash well, I heard that first from Mary Ellen Hopkins eons ago (mid 1980’s), still works for me.  Brown is a great neutral.  I’m learning to love blues after all these years. Love certain color combos, like red/blue, red/green, red/brown, red/neutrals, blues/golds, black/golds, and madders make my heart very happy.  I can make pastel quilts, but the darker colors are more appealing with our antique furniture, reproduction furniture and decor.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE scrappy quilts – which gives me lots of chances to play with my fabric collection.  FYI, I have shelves of color, not fabric lines on shelves.  I want to play with ALL the reds, browns, greens, golds, blues, blacks, grays, neutrals, pinks and more.  Storing my fabrics as color shelves makes it easy for me.  And I have to ‘see’ my fabrics to be able to select for a project.  What do you do?

This weeks block is by our friend Lisa Bongean, you will find the directions on her Blog:

Be sure to check our friends Blogs to see their versions of this block:

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Moda Carrie –

Don’t forget the Permanent Page, that has been updated weekly with the newest information. 

Here is how I pressed my block, with the clipped intersections so I could press the way I wanted to press the block.

Block 47, pressing

And now, my block this week:

Block 47

Happy Sewing from Jo in Nebraska