Moda BlockHeads BOW, Block 17

It’s that time again!

This weeks topic is – do you keep a written list of your WIP’s (you know those works in process), how about a list of ‘quilts I’d like to make” and ‘Projects that we have all the parts and just need to start’ . . . the reality is we all do.

I’ve been sorting mine, and actually recently sewed binding to a wall quilt that has been resting, and I MQ a border on a doll quilt, straight lines from the center to the outer edge, spaced 1″ apart, it was easy, just sit down and do it, then sewed the binding to it.  Two off the list!

Today I’ve placed two other small/doll quilt tops on the ironing board, will cut batting and backing tomorrow and sandwich them, I’ve finally figured out how I want to HQ these sweeties made with 1/2″ hexagons.  Some days it just takes a plan.  Once something is ready for HQ, it will move to near my comfy chair and take its turn in my daily handwork, either early morning or while watching TV before bedtime. I must note that I also can HQ and HP in the car, I’m lucky that I can stitch in the car when Russ is driving.   Most days some handwork happens, others it doesn’t, either too tired or the movie is too good to not watch, etc.

And lastly I’ve moved a project that has been resting since 2013, accompanied by its fabric, and hope to get borders figured out and added to the appliqué blocks in the center.  Life gets in the way of some things, pushed aside, then found again, this one is due to be finished this year, it will be a nice wall quilt.

This week is Block 17 by our friend Lisa Bongean, and it is an easier block this week. Enjoy selecting your fabrics for this sweet one.

Block 17

Here is my block pressing for this block, just like the pattern:

block 17 pressing

You will find Lisa’s block here, be sure to click and see her tips for this one:

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Here are a few of my blocks with the new block.

block 17 and some friends

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Lastly here is the link to the ‘permanent page’ for the Moda BlockHeads. 


Enjoy your week and especially the Fourth of July.  I love this time of year, so many great childhood memories, I enjoy all the sounds of this favorite Holiday!


2017 Moda BlockHeads, block 16 by Jan Patek

This weeks block is by our friend Jan Patek, with a lovely appliqué block to celebrate America. The timing is great as today the 21st falls between Flag Day and 4th of July, time to remember so much of what we love about our country, the USA.

First we have a new link for you, it is permanent link, filled with a list of the published blocks, links to the instructions, and to the designer blog posts for our week, so much info to read and learn from us! Thank You Moda for setting this up for us!


This link will be updated weekly, it includes the link to the designer’s blog post for the week, and the link to the most recent version of our friend ‘David’s Directory’ for the FB group that includes links to everything BlockHeads related.

Can I say WOW I’m impressed, so much info for you. This was all created to help newbies and the ones who joined us from the beginning, to catch up with all our great tips, and you can go back and reread as needed.

Our group has grown beyond our expectations, thanks to you all for sewing along with us.

This week we are talking about WIP’s, you know those ‘works in progress’, is this akin to attention deficit (? lol’s), how many WIP’s do you have?  I’m suppose to fess up, but I keep running across more, I’m now at the point of what will I truly finish, what do I want to finish up, and mostly what do I need to start designing and sewing to meet deadlines?

Mum’s the word on my WIP list from Nebraska City this evening.  The number is high, over 30, now to determine what stays on the list and what goes away. I’m OK with what goes away, we all get revved up about something new, several months later, it becomes a why?

This evening I’m here to share my version of block 16.  I did sew the flag strips on the sewing machine, then appliquéd the unit down.

Sweet and prim, I do love it.

block 16 by our friend Jan Patek

Mine didn’t turn out exactly like the design, but I’m still happy with it.  Have fun sewing yours!

Be sure and check out our friends versions of this block and read their tips, because you know we all interpret a bit differently, excellent learning while sewing with us!

Here are the links to our friends Blog posts, you will find the pattern for this block on Jan’s Blog:


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Be sure to check out our friends Blog posts for more info and fun tips.

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Happy Sewing!  Jo in Nebraska


Moda BlockHeads 2017, block #15 ‘T’ block

Question this week:  is there a quilter whose work always inspires you?  Mostly I look to antique quilts for inspiration, settings, fabrics colors used together, scale of prints, then I go to my fabric shelves and begin pulling fabrics, the pull will get resorted and new additions added along the journey.  You see, I’m old fashioned, I make a bunch of blocks first, then I search my fabric collection for setting fabrics and border fabric options.  I seem work on the fly.  I cannot design on a computer, and I’m seriously OK with that, I like to look at a quilt in-progress on the design wall, it talks to me and tells me what she should be.  Yes she is a girl.  LOL’s


This is my week, besides the directions on the PDF file that you will find at the bottom of this long post, I’m presenting a step by step of how I made my block, and I used 3 fabrics instead of 2 fabrics.

my ‘T’ block this week

Since I’ve taught quilting for years and years, and now I’m off the teaching road, I felt I should share some tips.  Hopefully some of the tips will make sense to you for future projects.

My disclaimer is – you are more than welcome to make the block ‘your way’.  We are all wired differently and will work differently.

I varied from the given directions, so follow along with me . . I recommend you read through it all, before beginning to cut or sew.

Pattern:  Step 1 – cut the A and B squares at 2 7/8″, be sure the resulting sewn 4 HST (half square triangles) measure 2 1/2″ square.    Jo TIP: you can always cut the squares 3″ instead of the 2 7/8″, then square them down to 2 1/2″, press these diagonal seams toward the light/background fabric.  Yes, you read that correctly.

press toward the light fabric, square to 2 1/2″

Step 4 – I’m jumping ahead, I didn’t cut the remaining pieces as written, here begins my variation:

center square – cut (1) – 1 7/8″ square from the light fabric

center square – cut (1) – 1 7/8″ square from each of the 2 chosen indigos, cut these 2 squares in half on the diagonal

Sew one indigo triangle set to opposite sides of the light square, press toward the corners.  Sew the remaining two triangles to the opposite sides, press seams toward the corners, square this to measure 2 1/2″.

sew triangles to opposite sides of the light square – sweet!

At this point you have 5 of the 9 units needed for the block! Easy, isn’t it.

Now you have the center and the 4 corners all squared up to 2 1/2″, lay these aside, next we will make the 8 Flying Geese units, using the no-waste method. I’ve used this method since 1998, when a friend in Topeka showed me, thank you Jane Buckley!  This method was also published in Quilter’s Newsletter back in the day.  Please remember I began quiltmaking in 1980, do NOT say dinosaur please!

To make the 8 Flying Geese needed:

Cut: (2) – 3 1/4″ squares from the light/background fabric

Cut: (4) – 1 7/8″ squares from each of the (2) indigo prints.

Cut these (8) indigo squares in half on the diagonal.

Take 4 triangles from each of the 2 indigo prints, lay the triangles on the larger background squares as shown below:

Note that the triangles prints alternate, be sure that the (2) blocks have a different alternate set, note the lighter blue and the darker blue are in different positions atop the light squares, this is very important.

You may want to press these loose triangles in place, then sew.

note the alternating of the loose indigo triangles on the two background squares

Next: sew on both sides of the diagonal with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.  Scant means a thread or two less than a full 1/4″ seam allowance, this allows for the take up of fabric when pressed to one side and shrinking the unit.  Trust me, remember! Your blocks should look like this:

sew with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance, notice the straight seams

cut apart on the diagonal

press seams toward the small triangles

align the remaining triangles atop the square hearts (that is what they look like to me), as shown, note the fabrics are alternated, again.

the triangles are pulled back so you can see the difference, pencil is holding them in place

sew on both sides of the diagonal, note the nice straight seams, that really does make a difference.

Cut apart on the diagonal, press the small triangles toward the indigo corners.  See your Flying Geese units with little ears sticking out!

square these units to measure:       1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, or use your Bloc_Loc 1″x2″ ruler that we love, to square up the units.

Bloc Loc 1″ x 2″ finished size ruler, love these to accurately square up FG. they have a nice assortment of these rulers that seem to go with Jo small blocks. Thank You Paul and Janna!

We are getting closer!

Next, pair up identical FG units and sew to make the side units:

sew, again note the straight seams.

Press seams with the ‘nose’ or point.

press seams with the nose, square these units to measure: 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″

arrange the FG units along the sides of the block, note the fabric prints will match up with the corners, making the T units.

sew to make rows, press row 1 and row 3 seams toward the corners.  Note how nice the seams ‘nest’ together since the outer HST units were pressed toward the light fabric.  Press the seams open on the center row. 

Whew, took a long time to get here, but pressing is important to the finished block.

Pin the rows together, matching seam intersections, sew.

Here is the pressing:

continue to press seams toward the corners, press the center seams open. The block lays really nice and flat.

My finished block this week:

I love it!


I want to share some other T blocks I made recently, they are now sewn into a top, so you will see other fabrics around the edges.  The top needs to be sent off for beautiful MQ soon.

different background fabric used, from ‘Reflections’.

different indigos from my ‘Timeless’ line that ships in August, background is from ‘Reflections’.

love this medium blue print and the background in ‘Timeless’, maybe a fav?

different pairing of indigoes from ‘Timeless’, background is from ‘Reflections’.

If you place a square in the center, you get this version of a ‘T’ block, different look, still cool.  Fabrics from ‘Timeless’

This is it – I hope you enjoy making this T block, and consider making a larger quilt of this block someday.  This BOW has many options besides making a sampler quilt.

I wish to close with the saying, at the side in this picture, can’t figure out how to rotate it.

“Let’s Go Sew” !!!

Happy Sewing!  Jo


Block 15 – T Block – Jo Morton


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