Book News!

First — I forgot to mention that the picture of the quilt in my Hollyhocks post earlier this month, is the FTU (free to use) quilt pattern, it is available at  Or you can find it on my website, by clicking on the picture of the quilt on my home page, the pdf file will pop up for you to print out.  Easy!

Second — After the long winter in most of our country, and it is St. Patrick’s Day – saving some green for you by offering a sale on the 4 most recent books I published —  ‘For All Seasons’, ‘Banner Day’, Prairie Flowers Encore’, and ‘Coming Home’.

For All Seasons

For All Seasons

Banner Day

Banner Day

Prairie Flowers Encore

Prairie Flowers Encore

Coming Home

Coming Home

Now is the time to make something fresh for spring!

Always remember that quilts can be made in other colors, consider Holiday themes, how about ‘your’ favorite colors!  You can also make them bigger, or make them smaller, make a square quilt oblong, make an oblong quilt square, or make a skinny quilt (aka a table runner), make them to suit your needs.

These books have been discounted 25%.

Find these deals here!


Yesterday March 16 in Nebraska we reached a high of 86 degrees, broke a record – way too warm and fast.  Today March 17 forecast a high of 55 (30 degrees cooler), it was 34 earlier this morning – hate these big temperature swings – hard to dress comfortably when spring/summer is still packed away.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m thinking a green salad for lunch, how about you?

This evening my wine will be red, not green, just so you know!





Hollyhocks – new fabric line

New fabric line – Hollyhocks – shipped in February!

Since we have been offering smaller groups, only needed to create two color-ways.

The first is in reds and greens – perfect for the Christmas Holidays, or any time of the year!

red and green color way of Hollyhocks

red and green color-way of Hollyhocks


Next up – black and brown color-way, beautiful for Fall or any time of the year!

Hollyhocks black:brown:gold



Here is a sneak peek at the gorgeous quilt that Candy has designed using Hollyhocks.  Thank You Candy for another wonderful project!

Candy also added pieces from my next group ‘Mill Run Shirtings’ – 12 pieces to add to your fabric collection in April.

Candy's FTU for Hollyhocks!


You can see the fabrics on my website, bundles are available if your local or favorite shop didn’t get this line.

One thing I love about winter – staying home and sewing!



And now for something entirely different . . .

Sounds a bit like Monty Python don’t you think?

First – do you follow me on Instagram?   I’m registered as:  joquilts
Look to the right sidebar here on my blog with the most recent photos from me.

Instagram (easy to post from my smart phone) pushes the pictures with captions to:  Jo Morton Facebook page, as you have to have a Facebook personal page before you can create a Facebook business page.

My Blog pushes to my Facebook business page:  Jo Morton Quilts

Also on Facebook is a new:  Jo Morton Stitchers group

I’m on Pinterest as:  Jo Morton

My Blog can be reached through my website, or you can sign up for my Blog posts to arrive in your mail box.  (that would be my choice – sign up box on the right side bar on my blog)

We also have our JoMortonStitchers Yahoo Group since September 2005, you have to sign up to be a member of yahoo then request to join JoMortonStitchers to see what we are doing there.  An exciting 2015 WIP Challenge is happening there, fun to see the progress as they post pictures.

If you can follow all of that, I’ll be seeing you there, and there, and there!    :-)


NEW JLW Club 14 for 2015

First – a picture showing the projects in my new JLW Club 14 for 2015.  the Medallion quilt will cover 2 months, so we have 8 months of projects for 2015.  Due to life circumstances we are starting a month later than normal. A lot of Clubs take a month or two off in the summer, then there are the Holidays when it is harder to gather, so it all works out just fine.

A note due to a picture I posted on Instagram last Fall, I put my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt on the bed in the Hilton – it looked awesome.  So, I made a Burgoyne Surrounded block, added borders for a table topper, now if ‘you’ want to make more blocks and make a bed size quilt, you can!  You will have to figure out your sashing and borders for the size you need.


JLW Club 14 for 2015

JLW Club 14 for 2015


New for 2015 – I receive so many requests about buying the pattern sets for my JLW Club because the local Quilt Shop doesn’t offer it, or it is too far away to drive to meetings.

My club as always included a fabric purchase, not just the pattern set.

With that thought in mind, and like other designers do . . . I’m going to offer a package consisting of the complete pattern set for Club 14, plus the 26 Fat Quarters purchase required when you join a Club.  The Fat Quarters will be an assortment of colors and lights from newer lines and older lines.  Bundles will not all be the exact same due to quantities on hand.

My price will be less, as you are not getting the ‘human attention with a Club Leader’, just the basics, no fun with friends, no demos, no tutorials.

You can order JLWC 14 in my webstore here. I will begin shipping in February.

Jo’s Club 14

  • pattern set and fabric bundle is $95.00
  • plus applicable Sales Tax in Nebraska
  • plus Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping, medium box – $11.30 in USA
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping, medium box – $40.15 to Canada
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping, medium box – $58.65 to All Other Countries


Wishes for a really great New Year!


Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

Reality check for me – one day crossing into the New Year isn’t really going to make a difference in my life, it is actually just another day, but it is also the first day of the rest of my life.

What I’m doing is making changes for a happier, healthier and more fun life.

I’m looking forward to 2015 with renewed energy, looking forward to ‘focus and change’.

Best wishes for ‘your’ choices in the New Year, I wish you many hours of happy stitching or whatever makes you happy.  That is what counts, what makes ‘us’ happy.

Cheers and wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Jo, Russ and of course the fur-kids





Emilie Rose is here!

If you need a yummy fabric fix amid all the Holiday Shopping, our favorite brown truck arrived with boxes of beautiful Emilie Rose.

Sheri is busy (cute as an Elf) cutting and folding Fat Quarters, Half Yard and One Yard pieces to make bundles.

You an order it here:


Thank you for adding Emilie Rose to your ‘Fabric Collection’, warm wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season – Merry Christmas!!

Emilie Rose bundles

Emilie Rose bundles


More Christmas to share

Today, I’m feeling the need to share some Christmas decor with you.  Has been fun collecting for years, and it is so enjoyable to spend time with the collection once a year.  Memories for a lifetime.

Love this quilt for the Holidays, need to pattern it

Love this quilt for the Holidays, need to pattern it someday, was a Jo’s Club project, the green Santa is an import, the small Santa is hand carved.  The small cupboard was purchased at a Folk Art Show.



Made this over 10 years ago, still a favorite

Made this Mini Nine Patch quilt over 10 years ago, still a favorite (shhh, hand quilted)



antique carrier with redware pottery and greens for the Holidays

antique carrier with redware pottery and greens for the Holidays, on a cupboard in the dining room



Over the cupboard door

Over the cupboard door in the dining room, a favorite display area.  Hope you have a favorite display area too!



doll quilt in a basket on top of the cupboard

doll quilt in a basket on top of the cupboard, just a peek of cheddar joy.



quilt stack in a bucket bench

quilt stack in a bucket bench in the dining room, 3 are Antique quilts, 3 are new and made by Jo and her Sewing Friends.  Quick stack is a wonderful way to enjoy quilts all year round.



New items in Jo’s store!


pretty picture to enjoy

pretty picture to enjoy before reading below

There is a total of 11 new items in Jo’s Store, I’ve been asked to carry some of these items that I love to use and that I sell at my retreats.

There are 5 favorites from DOVO Scissors that I use.  DOVO scissors are made in Germany, very high quality, but please do NOT cut paper with them. These are available in my Shop under Notions – Scissors.

Tulip Needles:  #10 big eye Appliqué Needles, #12 Hand Quilting Needles, and Patchwork Pins that are packaged in tubes with cork stopper, to contain them in your sewing basket or in your take along bag. These are available in my Shop under Notions – Needles and Pins.

Also from Clover:   Patchwork Pins  (these are very fine, have been using these for years), Double Needle Threader (I have them with every project, I can’t thread needles without them), and finally the Fine White Marking Pen. The pins are available in Needles and Pins and the threaders and marking pen are in my shop under Notions – Tools.

I’ve also reduced the price on the beautiful Bird Toile note cards, they are ‘letterpress’ and include envelopes.  A very nice gift. These are available in my shop under Odds and Ends


Letterpress Bird Toile Notecards, set of 6

Letterpress Bird Toile Notecards, set of 6


Christmas decor

First I want to say I really don’t understand Facebook.

I can’t ‘see’ shares, so I don’t know if they really shared.

With that thought in mind and since we are close to Christmas . . .


I want to share some family room decor.  Are you ready for Christmas?  Me neither but I will be!

Family Room Christmas decor - well some of it.

Family Room Christmas decor – well some of it.


Russ and I began collecting hand carved folk art Santa’s in the later 1980’s, these (and more) are from a Nebraska carver, we would save up to purchase one a year in an antique shop, in Lincoln, Nebraska (the shop closed at least a decade ago).  Couldn’t wait for her Christmas open house.  The open house was the kick off and inspiration for decorating at home.  Notice the Santa Crow on the left?  The carver had a great sense of humor.  Makes me smile every year.

I’m sure you have your own special Christmas memories when you unpack to decorate. Enjoy!