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Friday evening, October 17th, mother passed peacefully in her home, she was 92.   With the help of hospice and my sister and her two adult children, we were able to do this for our mother/grandmother.  Hospice was so wonderful in helping us through this journey with mom.

She is free of her worn out body, young and beautiful again, with family and friends in the hereafter.

No service at this time as her body was donated to the Anatomical Board.  After they have learned from her body, she will be cremated, then there will be a memorial service.  This could be six months to one year or more.

Ever since her heart attack with many complications over 5 years ago, if I asked her what she needed, she would always reply ‘a new body’, we would laugh together and work toward keeping her old body going with many meds and doctor appointments.   She was quite a trooper though everything.  This summer after falling and breaking the smaller bone in her right leg near her ankle, her health deteriorated.  Hospice explained that sometimes something like a broken bone is just too much with all the other ailments and the body begins its last journey.  Certainly has been interesting and feel blessed to be part of it.

I’m so grateful for the peaceful passing for both mom and our family.

Yes, I still drove to Houston to do the Schoolhouse for Andover Fabrics, stayed and visited with friends and that was uplifting for my soul.

My new JLW Club for 2015 will be slightly delayed.  I’ll have info to email to Quilt Shops in December, shops can pre-order Shop Kits for shipping mid January, and order or pre-order the member pattern sets that will be available in February.

Appreciate your patience and understanding.


Caswell County bundles


Fall is in the air, my favorite time of the year, love the changing of colors.  Russ and I’ve been walking in Arbor Lodge State Park, because we know that walking and eating better is good for us.  Will see how long we keep it up.   :-)

Think of it as getting in shape for all the walking I’ll be doing in Houston.

Pretty/beautiful fabric is also good for us, that means it is good for the soul, it is good for my soul, so I’m sure it is for your soul too.

‘Caswell County’ has arrived, will be cutting and folding Fat Quarters, Half Yards and One Yard pieces to make bundles this weekend.  Orders will begin to ship on Monday.

You can order it here: http://jomortonquilts.com/shop/shop-fabric/


Thank You for adding ‘Caswell County’ to your ‘fabric collection’, best wishes for a Happy Autumn Season!


Loving this beautiful group!

Loving this beautiful group!

Melodies bundles

I ordered ‘Melodies’ for the ladies that attended my August Retreat, they were able to take their pre-orders home with them.  After Retreat I was busy getting ready for a teaching trip to Norway (first trip to Europe), followed by some touring time.

I was honored to teach at the first ‘Norwegian Quilt Festival’ held in Oslo in September.   All my efforts were directed to the 4 classes I was teaching, Russ went with me, then we toured for 5 days before flying back home.

Obviously Melodies waited for my return, after a couple bumps in my schedule, Melodies has been cut and am ready to offer limited quantities of one yard bundles, half yard bundles, and Fat Quarter bundles to those who need some of this beautiful line for their fabric collection.

You can order it here:  http://jomortonquilts.com/shop/shop-fabric/

Thank You and wishes for many hours of Happy Stitching!


Beautiful Melodies!

Beautiful Melodies!




Old Log Cabin blocks – finally assembled

I’ve been doing some cleaning out at the studio, also re-organizing, did some purging, the purge went to other homes and donated to charity quilts.  I’m very happy that it is now easier to work at the studio.

However, I kind of unearthed some things that I hadn’t seen for a while.  I kept them, now to figure out what to do with the keepers.  This is about one plastic bin of Log Cabin blocks.

I used to sell small quilts at Folk Art Shows in the 1990’s.  I would sew blocks and also hired a friend to sew ‘sets’ of Log Cabin blocks.  I would use them in assorted quilts.  In my cleaning mode I found a treasure trove of over 60 Log Cabin blocks.

I’ve played with them on the design wall, re-arranged the blocks several times, tried several settings, tried to arrange to make a few smaller quilts, nothing spoke to me.  I put them back in the plastic bin and on a shelf in the closet.

Recently I was looking at Pinterest and a Log Cabin setting jumped out at me. . . .

Log Cabin - setting

I have some Log Cabin blocks, I think I can have my version of this quilt soon!

Below is what my version looks like, and it was sewn together last Saturday, because it was a Sewing Saturday!

And . . . I still have some blocks left over, will play with them another day.

I think I’ve selected a border fabric (brown print of course), will have to piece the border strips because I only bought one yard, it is OK with me, what is a seam here or there, it is called ‘make do’.

I ‘always’ cut lengthwise strips for borders, I don’t cut from selvage to selvage, it is too stretchy for me.  Now, here is the exception . . . if the border fabric is a stripe, and I like how it looks cut cross wise.  I will stay-stitch the outer edge of the border before sending the quilt out for machine quilting.  There are ways to work around ‘rules’, because ‘there are no rules’, there are ‘many options’.

Jo's Log Cabin

What do you think?  I’m happy that I’m using up some of the blocks, mostly because the blocks are really nice, the result looks antique to me.

I’ll send this out to be machine quilted one of these days, right now am busy getting ready for my Retreat here in Nebraska City next week.

Happy Sewing!

Blast from the Past – 1999

A friend in Iowa emailed me that she had bought a bundle of magazines recently and was going through them, she found these two issues of American Patchwork & Quilting  . . .  would I like her to send them to me.  Yes please!


What fun to see these articles again, so I decided to share my fun with you.

First the envelope please . . . . beautiful calligraphy!



Magazine cover August 1999, Issue #39



American Churn Dash small quilt


Set Shot to enjoy . . .


Sweet yes?  15 years later I still use this small quilt during the summer.  Machine pieced Hand quilted.


Next up . . . .

Magazine cover, October 1999, Issue 40



Framed Log Cabin Mini Runner



I used to sell my small hand quilted quilts, sell my Custom Framed small quilts, then quilters wanted patterns to make their own, I stopped selling the originals in 2003.  I have a few hanging in our home, still love them!

This framed Log Cabin runner hangs in our living room, I never get tired of seeing it or the others I have, brings back many memories of the Folk Art Show days ‘back east’.

Machine pieced, hand quilted.



Sure has been an interesting journey, from selling my small quilts for about 15 years, custom framing small quilts to sell, followed by publishing patterns for quilters, vending at Quilt Market since 1995, moved on to book publishing, my first book was ‘Small Quilts for Framing’ in 2000 (long out of print), followed by more quilts in magazines, a few TV show tapings, self published more books, designing fabric, and offering JLW Club for quilt shops.

If you read my Blog you will see some of these framed quilts still in use, if you are new to my Blog, sit back, get a cuppa and enjoy.

I’ve given myself the gift of time this year, calling it a Sabbatical, sewing on some other projects, enjoying a couple get aways with girls friends, travels with Russ, patio time, not living a deadline driven year, is kinda nice and deserved.

It is TGIF – have a wonderful weekend, hope you get some sewing time, I’m going to!






Great News – Haberdashery!

Great News!
Haberdashery bundle
I ordered the Haberdashery line for my August Retreat, the ladies have placed their orders, now you get an opportunity to purchase it from Jo’s webstore.
I’m offering Fat Quarter bundles, Half Yard cuts, and One Yard cuts.
This is a limited time offer.
I plan to offer Melodies in Jo’s webstore when it arrives next month.
Happy Stitching!
Haberdashery by Jo Morton July 2014

Haberdashery by Jo Morton July 2014

quilt storage – short version

This comments was on my 4th of July post:

I love every one of these beauties. My question is, how do you store everything: keeping the fold lines out, what containers or storage do you suggest, stop the pieces from fading? Thank you for sharing. . . .


This is my reply – a short version of course

I have 3 cupboards full of quilts, no containers or bins for storage.  Quilts folded across the foot of the bed get changed out to avoid fading, also keep blinds drawn in bedroom.

Re: fold lines

1. I do use 100% cotton batting in all my quilts, the hard to find Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon batting.

2. I fold 2 to 3 ‘like size’ quilts together to buffer the folds, refold a couple times of year, the inside quilt moves to another position.

3. Never fold a quilt on the center, I fold off center, and on mid size quilts fold into thirds (again 2 or three quilts layered).

4. Always fold with the quilt top on the outside, the hard creases are on the inside folds.

5. These are all things I figured out on my own, mostly due to traveling with quilts and want them to look as good as possible when taken out of the suitcase or in rare occasions shipped, also applies to quilts in cupboards. Be sure to have barrier fabric between quilt and wood.

6. For these reasons I fold up my quilts after a lecture and thank people for offering to help, but I’d rather do it myself, rather than go back to room and re-fold for return trip.

Hope this info is helpful in some small way to your care of your quilts.

Here is a picture of one of my cupboards full of quilts, the top two shelves are Jo Quilts.  The bottom two shelves are antique quilts or antique tops.


Have a great day that hopefully includes some sewing time!


New line shipping soon

‘Haberdashery’ a new small group arriving soon in your local/favorite Quilt Shop – 11 pieces, consisting of soft tans and soft grays for backgrounds and a sweet floral that combines the two color ways.

I know you will have fun playing and sewing with these!

4 of the patterns are Mill Engravings, the detail is lovely.




Haberdashery bundle

I think you need at least a FQ Bundle, don’t you?

Happy Stitching!




Happy 4th of July!

American Flag Lady - vintage

American Flag Lady – vintage


I want to share some of my Americana/Patriotic quilts and how I’m using them this year.  Hope this is inspiring to you!

studio set

This setting is at the studio, the runner is in my Banner Day book.  I’ve had the stool for a long time, my uncle built it for me and a friend painted it in stars and stripes.  I’ve always loved Americana in our home.  Some years I’ve had a summer tree decorated with Americana.  The pincushion was made by Candy Hargrove, love it!  The doll was made by a lady I met at Road to CA a few years ago, she has since moved to another state, she sold some handmade items though Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in Vista, CA and I was lucky enough to buy this one.

Chloe with Americana pillows

Chloe resting against Patriotic pillows, will have to get the hand vac out I’m sure.

Patriotic Snowball quilt from Banner Day book

Petit Snowball quilt in Patriotic colors for summer, pattern in my Banner Day book.  I keep thinking I should make one of these in Christmas colors or Fall colors too.

repro doll quilt atop a document box on bucket bench

Repro doll quilt from several years ago, this year it is resting atop a document box on a tall bucket bench with a rye straw basket on it.  Americana happiness peeking out.  :-)

Liberty Star Sampler from Banner Day

Liberty Star Sampler quilt from my Banner Day book. This year over the cupboard door, last year over a wing chair.  Mine is cotton on cotton, but it could certainly be wool appliqué on cotton!

Eagle Medallion from 2001, over the loveseat in the den

Eagle Medallion from 2001, still love this quilt, this summer it is over the loveseat in the den where I stitch.  The book that the pattern was in, is out of print of course, 2001 is a long time ago in quilt years.

Courthouse Steps from Remembrances book

Decided to change out the quilt over the cupboard door with this Courthouse Steps from my Remembrances book.  I don’t have enough places to display quilts, what to do?  Change them out so I can enjoy them all!

flagpincushion in Banner Day book

And last, but not least . . . must sew with flag pincushion this time of year.

Safe travels over the long weekend.  Enjoy time with friends and family and maybe time for a stitch or two.