‘Jo’s Little Favorites’ – new book with Martingale – shipping in January 2016

So many of you have asked for patterns from earlier Jo Clubs, lucky for you and me, this book is what you are looking for!

I’m so pleased to be working with Martingale to provide you with your wish.

Since I’m trying to cut back, so Russ and I can travel, he has been retired for 6 1/2 years, if we don’t travel now, when will we?  This is a win-win for us.  Martingale presents beautiful books that are coffee table worthy, I know you will love to add this book to your collection.

You will love the tips on using small quilts in your home, enhanced by gorgeous inspirational pictures.

I like to think the vintage appeal in the quilts I make, have that timeless quality and they never go out of style.

You can pre-order signed copies of this book here!
(Expected January shipping)

Below is a little eye candy to tide you over.

Happy dreaming!


Jo's Little Favorites

Jo’s Little Favorites



Or these stacks of quilts! The quilts were carefully folded to fit these child size chairs - sweet!

Would you love to make these stacks of quilts! The quilts were carefully folded to fit these child size chairs – so sweet!


One more today . . look for your initials or name to put with your quilt display.

One more today . . look for your initials or name to put with your quilt display.


Sneak Peek – JLW Club 15 for 2016

Ta-da – the quilts and/or quilt tops are made, a few need MQ and bound.

I’m leaving Monday for a trip that was planned a year ago, I will finish things up when I return home in December.

Thought you may enjoy a ‘sneak peek’ to tide you over for now.

Due to Russ’s recent back surgery he is unable to travel with me, sad about that, but happy that he is finally on the mend after a couple of hiccups.  Also happy to say he can be ‘home alone’ in charge of the two fur-kids.

The tease is that the pictures are not accurate as to size of the blocks.




Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving!




magnificent fussy cutting!

We will be headed to Australia mid November, during which time we will attend ‘Quilts in the Barn’, an annual exhibit of quilts, a vendor will be selling new fabrics, kits, etc, another will have antique quilts for sale.

Quilts In The Barn Raffle 2015

Quilts In The Barn Raffle 2015

If you would like a sneak peek at the raffle quilt, made with Jo fabrics, go to this link:


In Linda’s Blog post, she is showing pieces and parts of the raffle quilt, there will be a big reveal later on her Blog ‘Quilts in the Barn’.

I’m honored the gorgeous quilt was made with my fabrics, and in awe of their fussy cutting details to make beautiful quilts!

We are looking forward to another great time with our friends in Australia.

I think one of the reasons I quilt, there is ‘always, always, always’ something to learn.

Happy Stitching, and maybe some fussy cutting will be involved?



‘Isabella’ is now arriving in your favorite or local quilt shop.

We have fat quarter and half yard bundles ready for shipping here if you can’t find it locally.  Has been a busy couple of days at the studio cutting and folding, Sheri was there making it happen.  There are 22 pieces in this group.

beautiful Isabella!

beautiful Isabella!

Gorgeous Fall color way complemented with Pretty in Pink color way!  I’m having fun using pieces in existing projects right now.

Looking forward to see what you are making with it, show your pictures on Instagram or Facebook on our Jo Morton Stitchers Private Group Page.

Happy Stitching!

Isabella FTU (free to use) pattern – here is the real quilt!

Maggi Honeyman machine quilts all the FTU quilts for Jo’s fabric lines.

Our friend Candy Hargrove designs the quilts and makes them.  It also takes a village to get quilts made, please remember this.

Maggi recently posted these two pictures on Facebook after taking the quilt off the frame, next up, sew the binding to the quilt and hand stitch it down, Candy will be doing this after her teaching trip this week.

Sneak Peek at the real quilt, the FTU pattern is on Andover Fabrics website – perhaps this quilt should have been called Pretty in Pink!

Fabric coming soon to your local or favorite quilt shop.  I’ll also have bundles on my website after I receive my order.

Isabella - coming of the frame

Isabella – coming off the frame

Isabella in all her glory - spread out on the floor.

Isabella in all her glory – spread out on the floor.

See how easy it is to want to make yet another quilt!

4 3/4″ hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

This is a new project, I started piecing the blocks in early June, I used Cindy Blackberg’s stamp set ‘Carpenter Stars’.  I probably sewed half of the blocks in the car, the other half watching TV.  I made 52 star blocks and used 49 of them in this quilt.  I was going to make 64 blocks and decided 49 would be enough.

This is the center of the quilt top, will share the finish after it is machine quilted and bound.  I’ve wanted to make a soft colored quilt for some time, this may be it.


4 3/4" hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

4 3/4″ hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

If you notice toward the center in the second from the bottom row, one of the squares of the stripe fabric was sewn in turned the other way.  I did notice it and decided it didn’t hurt anything and left it.  I like quirks in my quilts from time to time, how about you?

There is a song about this . . . ‘Let it Go’!

Please sing along with me!   lol

Happy Stitching!


new in my web store


How can August almost be gone?  So much yet to do, and Fall is just around the corner!

I’m still waiting on my order to restock the ‘Quilt Dots’ for you, hopefully they will arrive next week.

I have a couple of new items in my web-store, seems I always need another bag for a take-a-long project.  I chose red and lime green for us this time, they won’t get lost in your sewing tote.

Check them out here in my shop.

Red Project Bag

Red Project Bag

Green Project Bag

Green Project Bag

Happiness is having a couple of very successful sewing days at the studio.  Of course with the expert help of Mary and Cindy last Saturday, and today with Phyllis, was nice to wind up projects that were ‘on the wall’. A few tops/batting/backings were boxed up today and are on their way to my long arm machine quilter to do her magic.

Grilled corn on the cob tonight, better get to the kitchen and do my part.

Wishes for a great weekend!


What’s New?

I saw these cool magnets at Market, and they can be added to a pendant and necklace and worn. The Pendant could be added to a collar for closer to the throat reveal, or what else can ‘you’ think of?

The magnets are all pictures of Jo quilts!  Most are select areas of the quilt, but I think they are so cool!

The magnets can be used on your refrigerator (unless it is stainless steel) or any metal that will accept magnets, I’m using them at the studio to keep important notes up off the table (where things can get buried), saved pictures, eye candy . . .  well you get the drift.

They come in 5 sets of 9 different Jo quilts.  You can check them out and order them in my webstore here!!

I also have a few magnetic chains to wear the dots on available in my webstore.

I hears some ladies are going to use them to park their threaded needle.

Of course they will make great gifts for your stitch group or stitching friends, secret sister, etc.

What else can you come up with?
Let me know!  Jo

Isabella – can’t wait!

Isabella will be arriving in your local or favorite quilt shop come September.




I made a Whig Rose quilt a few years ago, the Fall coloring of the Floral in Isabella would be perfect for a project like this.  Of course it would be equally beautiful in the pinks.

Jo's Whig Rose

Jo’s Whig Rose

Have fun planning your next project!