May release – Jo’s Little Favorites II

Coming soon to your local or favorite Quilt Shop . . .

Jo’s Little Favorites II


One of my very favorite small quilts was made with ‘leftover’ HST (half square triangles), this sweet quilt measures 11″ x 12 3/4″, I hand quilted it in the middle of the night, you know one of those nights you can’t sleep, so you may as well get up. I go stitch, at least I feel I accomplish something besides tossing and turning.



Below is Courthouse Steps, another favorite.  I know I use ‘favorite’ a lot, but I do have lots of favorites, I know you do too.  It rests comfortably in my dry sink, I can change out other collectables. I also have one in reds and greens. And, yes this one is hand quilted too. No marking needed, as I quilt about 1/8″ from the ditch, easy to carry around and add a few stitches.

Courthouse Steps

Prairie Basket – from my first JLW Club, it certainly has the timeless quality, I still love it all these years later.

I had it hanging on the wall at the studio, until I needed to share it with Martingale for a while. It will be rehung on the wall in June, after our vacation and of course it will go to Quilt Market with me.

If you are a Shop owner reading this, be sure and come to my Schoolhouse sessions with Martingale, one on ‘Simple Friendships’ book with Kim Diehl, and the other on ‘Little Favorites II’.

Prairie Basket

Fun Sewing ahead!


What will you do?

I think a Blog post is kind of over due, so here we go!

I think we all purchased the great ‘Make It Mini’ magazine this spring by Better Homes and Gardens. Was on the newsstands, available in Barnes & Noble and in many Quilt Shops, hope you have your copy!   There are so many great small projects to enjoy in your home or to make for gifts for special friends. I actually have 3 of my quilts from prior American Patchwork & Quilting Magazines in this issue, am sharing what I did with one of them.

Make It Mini

Make It Mini


This picture is of the original quilt I made and submitted for publication, a while back.  You remember it don’t you!

before it was a mini


Tiny Triangles

Tiny Triangles


Laura Boehnke, who works for the magazine, creates many of the projects ‘in other colors’ for inspiration, she came up with this mini version for us to enjoy.


Laura made hers in Blues . . . so very pretty!

blue chosen for magazine

Don’t you love it!


Well, I have a new fabric line coming out in August with Moda Fabrics, pretty pumped about it, so for Quilt Market I remade the smaller version in red using the reds from my new fabric line named ‘Gratitude’.

Make it reds using 'Gratitude' line with Moda Fabrics!

Make it reds using ‘Gratitude’ line with Moda Fabrics!

Now you really ‘need’ to make it come August, hope you already have the magazine!

Happy Stitching!



Podcast – don’t miss it!

Quilting Radio, hosted by Pat Sloan

Quilting Radio, hosted by Pat Sloan



This afternoon I was fortunate to visit with Pat Sloan, you can listen here:

or you can listen here:

Pat interviewed 3 people, mine is the last one at 3:40, lasts 20 minutes.

We visited about my new book with Martingale – ‘Jo’s Little Favorites’, love this book as it shows so many ways to use small quilts in your home.  The photography is gorgeous! Of course I purchased a couple of the ‘props’, from the wonderful shop in Iowa where the quilts were photographed, am enjoying them in our home and in my studio.

There are many places you can buy my new book, check with your local or favorite quilt shop.

We also visited about my new fabric line named ‘Gratitude’ with Moda.  Watch for comments during and after Spring Quilt Market where shops will be ordering my new line that will ship this August.  I’ve loved sewing my my line and you will too!

When selecting fabric line names, I have several pages on my computer collected in a document.

Last year I added the word ‘Gratitude’ to my growing list, seemed fitting after the loss of my mom in late 2014 (she was an awesome, loving, kind, helpful lady), then Russ had a lower spine fuse October 6, 2015, I’m grateful for my ‘team’ that helps me get so much done, the word was/is very important to me, I’m happy that Moda agreed to use it for my first line with them.

We didn’t have time to mention all the quilts that APQ has published in their magazine over the years. I remade one of mine that is in the new ‘Make It Mini’ magazine this Spring, it will be revealed at Spring Market, and my remake was made using my new line ‘Gratitude’.

Everything is connected and Jo is a very happy girl.  Of course Russ and I just returned from a 2 week vacation in France meeting up with friends.

Happy Stitching and enjoy the Podcast!



Before we left on vacation Oct 3rd, I had time to set up some posts to share every three days.

I’m leaving for Houston today and there will be a bit of a break as I don’t have time to set up posts for while I’m away.

Good News – I will be using Instagram and those pictures with comments will be pushed to my Jo Morton Facebook page if you are on Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime – will get caught up in November – Happy Stitching!

‘Dovetail’ batiks by Jo

Why ‘dovetail’ do you ask?  Because the batiks ‘fit’ with Jo’s print lines.

Here is a peek on Andover’s Facebook page:

It went up on Andover’s FB page about 10 minutes ago, it shows all 60 pieces.

one from the brown colorway - so pretty!

one from the brown colorway – so pretty!

The FTU pattern was made with the neutrals – creams, browns, a little rust and gold.  The quilt will go to Portland for Spring Quilt Market, then to the pattern writers.  Be patient – it is gorgeous.  Watch the social media for updates that I’ll call – ‘live from Market’!



new project tease

I posted this picture on Facebook and want to share with you too!

If I remember correctly, 165 blocks are needed for this new quilt.  The stack of blocks is 55 or so of them.  The plan is to show this quilt at Market in Houston the end of October.

we are making a whole lot of these for a new quilt for Fall Market

Just a tease, better get some other projects done as there will be many new quilts to temp you this Fall, Markets are like that.

Happy sewing!