What will you do?

I think a Blog post is kind of over due, so here we go!

I think we all purchased the great ‘Make It Mini’ magazine this spring by Better Homes and Gardens. Was on the newsstands, available in Barnes & Noble and in many Quilt Shops, hope you have your copy!   There are so many great small projects to enjoy in your home or to make for gifts for special friends. I actually have 3 of my quilts from prior American Patchwork & Quilting Magazines in this issue, am sharing what I did with one of them.

Make It Mini

Make It Mini


This picture is of the original quilt I made and submitted for publication, a while back.  You remember it don’t you!

before it was a mini


Tiny Triangles

Tiny Triangles


Laura Boehnke, who works for the magazine, creates many of the projects ‘in other colors’ for inspiration, she came up with this mini version for us to enjoy.


Laura made hers in Blues . . . so very pretty!

blue chosen for magazine

Don’t you love it!


Well, I have a new fabric line coming out in August with Moda Fabrics, pretty pumped about it, so for Quilt Market I remade the smaller version in red using the reds from my new fabric line named ‘Gratitude’.

Make it reds using 'Gratitude' line with Moda Fabrics!

Make it reds using ‘Gratitude’ line with Moda Fabrics!

Now you really ‘need’ to make it come August, hope you already have the magazine!

Happy Stitching!



Podcast – don’t miss it!

Quilting Radio, hosted by Pat Sloan

Quilting Radio, hosted by Pat Sloan



This afternoon I was fortunate to visit with Pat Sloan, you can listen here: http://www.creativetalknetwork.com/

or you can listen here:   http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/magazines-more/quilting-podcast

Pat interviewed 3 people, mine is the last one at 3:40, lasts 20 minutes.

We visited about my new book with Martingale – ‘Jo’s Little Favorites’, love this book as it shows so many ways to use small quilts in your home.  The photography is gorgeous! Of course I purchased a couple of the ‘props’, from the wonderful shop in Iowa where the quilts were photographed, am enjoying them in our home and in my studio.

There are many places you can buy my new book, check with your local or favorite quilt shop.

We also visited about my new fabric line named ‘Gratitude’ with Moda.  Watch for comments during and after Spring Quilt Market where shops will be ordering my new line that will ship this August.  I’ve loved sewing my my line and you will too!

When selecting fabric line names, I have several pages on my computer collected in a document.

Last year I added the word ‘Gratitude’ to my growing list, seemed fitting after the loss of my mom in late 2014 (she was an awesome, loving, kind, helpful lady), then Russ had a lower spine fuse October 6, 2015, I’m grateful for my ‘team’ that helps me get so much done, the word was/is very important to me, I’m happy that Moda agreed to use it for my first line with them.

We didn’t have time to mention all the quilts that APQ has published in their magazine over the years. I remade one of mine that is in the new ‘Make It Mini’ magazine this Spring, it will be revealed at Spring Market, and my remake was made using my new line ‘Gratitude’.

Everything is connected and Jo is a very happy girl.  Of course Russ and I just returned from a 2 week vacation in France meeting up with friends.

Happy Stitching and enjoy the Podcast!


Blast from the Past – 1999

A friend in Iowa emailed me that she had bought a bundle of magazines recently and was going through them, she found these two issues of American Patchwork & Quilting  . . .  would I like her to send them to me.  Yes please!


What fun to see these articles again, so I decided to share my fun with you.

First the envelope please . . . . beautiful calligraphy!



Magazine cover August 1999, Issue #39



American Churn Dash small quilt


Set Shot to enjoy . . .


Sweet yes?  15 years later I still use this small quilt during the summer.  Machine pieced Hand quilted.


Next up . . . .

Magazine cover, October 1999, Issue 40



Framed Log Cabin Mini Runner



I used to sell my small hand quilted quilts, sell my Custom Framed small quilts, then quilters wanted patterns to make their own, I stopped selling the originals in 2003.  I have a few hanging in our home, still love them!

This framed Log Cabin runner hangs in our living room, I never get tired of seeing it or the others I have, brings back many memories of the Folk Art Show days ‘back east’.

Machine pieced, hand quilted.



Sure has been an interesting journey, from selling my small quilts for about 15 years, custom framing small quilts to sell, followed by publishing patterns for quilters, vending at Quilt Market since 1995, moved on to book publishing, my first book was ‘Small Quilts for Framing’ in 2000 (long out of print), followed by more quilts in magazines, a few TV show tapings, self published more books, designing fabric, and offering JLW Club for quilt shops.

If you read my Blog you will see some of these framed quilts still in use, if you are new to my Blog, sit back, get a cuppa and enjoy.

I’ve given myself the gift of time this year, calling it a Sabbatical, sewing on some other projects, enjoying a couple get aways with girls friends, travels with Russ, patio time, not living a deadline driven year, is kinda nice and deserved.

It is TGIF – have a wonderful weekend, hope you get some sewing time, I’m going to!






Good Morning

I always have good intentions to Blog, other things seem to occupy my time.  My machine sewing Retreat was last week, now I’m mid packing to leave today for Tennessee.  I’m teaching at ‘A Mountain Quilt Fest’ in Pigeon Forge next week.  I have 5 days of teaching that includes 6 classes and 1 lecture.  Russ gets to enjoy the Smokies while I work, is something wrong with this picture?  🙂

Russ and I are adding a couple of days before the event to spend the weekend with a cousin that lives north of Knoxville.  Will be fun and wonderful to spend time with family.  After teaching we plan to drive on to Asheville and see Biltmore Estate, I think since watching Downton Abbey it will be interesting!

In the meantime I have a couple of things to share with you.

I have a quilt in this issue:  and my name is on the cover at the top along with my friend Nancy Mahoney!

magazine cover

magazine cover – on newsstands now


Dutch Delight or Dutch Baskets

Dutch Delight or Dutch Baskets


Perfect for the Holidays!

Perfect for the Holidays!

I bought an antique quilt block years ago in Houston, maybe 10 years?  I finally got around to re-creating it and making a quilt. I like that there is piecing and appliqué in each block. The blocks finish at 12″, so this project moves along nicely.  Enjoy making yours!







Courthouse Steps

I love quilts in the Log Cabin category, this one is a Courthouse Steps.  Most of mine are small, then I decided a needed a larger one.  It did take a while to get all the blocks pieced due to other quilt interruptions, in the long run – so worth the time and effort.

Shown here – hung over the cupboard door for the Holidays, love the colors for the season.  I really enjoy featuring a quilt ‘over the cupboard door’ – that should be a decor category!    🙂

This quilt was featured in American Patchwork & Quilting, Issue 107, December 2010, page 110 – bonus for me it is the cover girl quilt, named ‘Small Steps’.

It is also beautiful across the foot of our bed or over a wing chair in the living room.  Multi-purpose is a winner in my book.  However I have made small quilts for a specific place due to the odd size.

I love living with quilts, add so much warmth to a home.

'Small Steps' quilt

‘Small Steps’ quilt


Where does time go?

Can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post.  Well, maybe I can, I was gone 6 days to teach at ‘Block Party’ event, hosted by Quiltmaker magazine in beautiful Portland, Oregon – fabulous time, great students, awesome event!

I was able to do a few posts to Facebook through Instagram on my smart phone since it is so easy.

I learned some things from my teacher friends about social media, let’s see if I’m a good student going forward, cross your fingers!

I had issues while in Portland – my laptop wouldn’t pick up the free WiFi at the beautiful Red Lion Inn.  And get this it also wouldn’t detect my MiFi that I pay for monthly – not a happy camper (probably operator error?).  These are the two reasons I didn’t Blog while away, now I’m home and will try to catch up in pieces and parts.

This evening will be a few high-lights.

First ‘Madison Manor’ fabric line is beginning to arrive at your favorite quilt shop!  You can see the line here:                                                                  http://www.andoverfabrics.com/Grid.php?GroupName=Madison%20Manor

FYI – it is much prettier in person, isn’t it always.

There is also a link on my home page for the ‘free to use’ (FTU) quilt for ‘Blue Variety’.  Candy did another great job for us on this beauty.  Remember, if you don’t need a quilt that size, make a unit for a table topper, or expand to a table runner, wall quilt, etc.  . . .  your choice.   🙂

If you shop my webstore, we are down to 10 sets available of the 5 book bundle special.

Would like to share this picture of the happy teachers in Portland – I think we were all photogenic at that moment.  Great memory for me!

Gudrun Erla, Bonnie Hunter, Debbie Caffrey, Jo Morton, Beth Farrier, Diane Harris, June Dudley and Peg Spradlin with her DH Darold.  Julie Herman was under the weather and don't have a picture of her.

Gudrun Erla, Bonnie Hunter, Debbie Caffrey, Jo Morton, Beth Farrier, Diane Harris, June Dudley and Peg Spradlin with her DH Darold. Julie Herman was under the weather and not in the picture.


Happy Stitching!


More on S’mores

I want to share this beautiful picture in APQ, the ‘beauty’ shot of the S’mores quilt.

Beautiful setting featuring the S’mores quilt, photography by APQ magazine.


WOW, is the best word I can come up with.  Makes me want to go out and buy a camel colored chair, make a rust pillow, or maybe buy one, then artfully drape the quilt.  Guess who would be in the middle of the quilt?  Chloe!

My reality is that I plan to hang it on the wall in the den when I watch (actually listen) to TV while I stitch.  Maybe I’ll spend more time in there?  Looking forward to the quilt returning home, especially since I have a place for it!

I’ve heard many are starting this quilt, I’m flattered, but I know you will love it when you are done.  I selected the sashing fabric first, then a stack of fabrics was selected to make the blocks, we cut out quite a few block sets, then rearranged the sets to use three fabrics instead of two fabrics.  As the block making progressed, we cut more pieces and fussy cut stripes to add sparkle. As the blocks were made, they were placed (pinned) on the design wall atop the sashing fabric to see how the quilt project was ‘reading’.   Was a very fun journey, as I do love playing with fabric.   I’m sure you will enjoy yours when done!




American Patchwork & Quilting

February 2013 issue, page 54.  Note the circle under the ‘Q’ – announcing Scrappy S’mores quilt!  Actually the quilt is color controlled, the fabrics were selected to go with the sashing fabric, lots of auditioning, and was worth it in the end.

February 2013 issue

The Sashing fabric is still available, it was in my Ravenwood line, this summer it was moved to ‘Jo’s Best Friends’ to keep it in print through 2013.  Ask for it at your favorite or local quilt shop.  Sku #4890-K

“Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting®.  ©2012 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”

I really like the partial blocks to frame the quilt, a really nice finish, warm and cozy.  Enjoy!

Quiltmania Autumn 2012

Not to be confused with Quiltmania, No 91, Sept/Oct 2012, the regular magazine, 6 issues per year, see my post about Baby Emma is a cover girl.

The Quiltmania Special is published four times a year, I have two quilts in ‘Autumn 2012’, it can also be purchased as a subscription, hopefully you can find it in Barnes & Noble, or on Quiltmania website, or try your local quilt shop.  The other issues are obviously Spring, Summer and Winter.

Quiltmania Special Autumn 2012

This is one of my projects ‘Wild Goose Chase’, I really love this quilt, had fun playing with stripes, it has lovely vintage appeal.  Classic quilts never go out of style.

Wild Goose Chase with Bird Chintz fabric for the border.

Next is  a sweet small quilt in this issue, it will  be in my new book this Fall, ‘For All Seasons’.  

Pomegranate sweet small quilt.

Many hours of happy stitching and sewing in your future!