‘Jo’s Little Favorites’ – new book with Martingale – shipping in January 2016

So many of you have asked for patterns from earlier Jo Clubs, lucky for you and me, this book is what you are looking for!

I’m so pleased to be working with Martingale to provide you with your wish.

Since I’m trying to cut back, so Russ and I can travel, he has been retired for 6 1/2 years, if we don’t travel now, when will we?  This is a win-win for us.  Martingale presents beautiful books that are coffee table worthy, I know you will love to add this book to your collection.

You will love the tips on using small quilts in your home, enhanced by gorgeous inspirational pictures.

I like to think the vintage appeal in the quilts I make, have that timeless quality and they never go out of style.

You can pre-order signed copies of this book here!
(Expected January shipping)

Below is a little eye candy to tide you over.

Happy dreaming!


Jo's Little Favorites

Jo’s Little Favorites



Or these stacks of quilts! The quilts were carefully folded to fit these child size chairs - sweet!

Would you love to make these stacks of quilts! The quilts were carefully folded to fit these child size chairs – so sweet!


One more today . . look for your initials or name to put with your quilt display.

One more today . . look for your initials or name to put with your quilt display.


Sneak Peek – JLW Club 15 for 2016

Ta-da – the quilts and/or quilt tops are made, a few need MQ and bound.

I’m leaving Monday for a trip that was planned a year ago, I will finish things up when I return home in December.

Thought you may enjoy a ‘sneak peek’ to tide you over for now.

Due to Russ’s recent back surgery he is unable to travel with me, sad about that, but happy that he is finally on the mend after a couple of hiccups.  Also happy to say he can be ‘home alone’ in charge of the two fur-kids.

The tease is that the pictures are not accurate as to size of the blocks.




Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving!




Book News!

First — I forgot to mention that the picture of the quilt in my Hollyhocks post earlier this month, is the FTU (free to use) quilt pattern, it is available at www.andoverfabrics.com.  Or you can find it on my website, by clicking on the picture of the quilt on my home page, the pdf file will pop up for you to print out.  Easy!

Second — After the long winter in most of our country, and it is St. Patrick’s Day – saving some green for you by offering a sale on the 4 most recent books I published —  ‘For All Seasons’, ‘Banner Day’, Prairie Flowers Encore’, and ‘Coming Home’.

For All Seasons

For All Seasons

Banner Day

Banner Day

Prairie Flowers Encore

Prairie Flowers Encore

Coming Home

Coming Home

Now is the time to make something fresh for spring!

Always remember that quilts can be made in other colors, consider Holiday themes, how about ‘your’ favorite colors!  You can also make them bigger, or make them smaller, make a square quilt oblong, make an oblong quilt square, or make a skinny quilt (aka a table runner), make them to suit your needs.

These books have been discounted 25%.

Find these deals here!  http://jomortonquilts.com/shop/books/


Yesterday March 16 in Nebraska we reached a high of 86 degrees, broke a record – way too warm and fast.  Today March 17 forecast a high of 55 (30 degrees cooler), it was 34 earlier this morning – hate these big temperature swings – hard to dress comfortably when spring/summer is still packed away.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m thinking a green salad for lunch, how about you?

This evening my wine will be red, not green, just so you know!





quilt storage – short version

This comments was on my 4th of July post:

I love every one of these beauties. My question is, how do you store everything: keeping the fold lines out, what containers or storage do you suggest, stop the pieces from fading? Thank you for sharing. . . .


This is my reply – a short version of course

I have 3 cupboards full of quilts, no containers or bins for storage.  Quilts folded across the foot of the bed get changed out to avoid fading, also keep blinds drawn in bedroom.

Re: fold lines

1. I do use 100% cotton batting in all my quilts, the hard to find Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon batting.

2. I fold 2 to 3 ‘like size’ quilts together to buffer the folds, refold a couple times of year, the inside quilt moves to another position.

3. Never fold a quilt on the center, I fold off center, and on mid size quilts fold into thirds (again 2 or three quilts layered).

4. Always fold with the quilt top on the outside, the hard creases are on the inside folds.

5. These are all things I figured out on my own, mostly due to traveling with quilts and want them to look as good as possible when taken out of the suitcase or in rare occasions shipped, also applies to quilts in cupboards. Be sure to have barrier fabric between quilt and wood.

6. For these reasons I fold up my quilts after a lecture and thank people for offering to help, but I’d rather do it myself, rather than go back to room and re-fold for return trip.

Hope this info is helpful in some small way to your care of your quilts.

Here is a picture of one of my cupboards full of quilts, the top two shelves are Jo Quilts.  The bottom two shelves are antique quilts or antique tops.


Have a great day that hopefully includes some sewing time!


FYI – contacting Jo

When you contact me through the contact form on my website, you enter your email address, after you have filled in the captcha and hit send, you will receive a confirmation of the email you sent to me.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, it means you didn’t enter your email address correctly.  Then –  on my end, I’ve written the reply and it bounces back to me causing a little frustration.

I do answer my emails – and yes it is ‘me’ answering my email.  I do not have office staff other than the fur kids and well . . . . they aren’t reliable.

The reason I’m posting this notice as it is happening too much, and obviously it isn’t my fault.  So please be careful when entering ‘your’ email address.

Thanks so much!

One other comment this morning – I receive ‘lots’ of emails wanting fabric, ordering fabric from me or asking where to find a certain fabric.  Simple answer is ‘I don’t know’.  I’m not a quilt shop.  I’m not an Andover employee, I have no idea what shops order my fabrics or what they have on hand.

Do a ‘google search’ – enter the sku number, including color designation that you are looking for, hopefully you can find it.

Or try:   www.quiltshops.com              a website of around 200 quilt shops, enter the sku number you are wanting and perhaps one of the shops will have have it for you.

This post is in the hope it saves you some time and me too.  Thanks so much for reading it!