Isabella FTU (free to use) pattern – here is the real quilt!

Maggi Honeyman machine quilts all the FTU quilts for Jo’s fabric lines.

Our friend Candy Hargrove designs the quilts and makes them.  It also takes a village to get quilts made, please remember this.

Maggi recently posted these two pictures on Facebook after taking the quilt off the frame, next up, sew the binding to the quilt and hand stitch it down, Candy will be doing this after her teaching trip this week.

Sneak Peek at the real quilt, the FTU pattern is on Andover Fabrics website – perhaps this quilt should have been called Pretty in Pink!

Fabric coming soon to your local or favorite quilt shop.  I’ll also have bundles on my website after I receive my order.

Isabella - coming of the frame

Isabella – coming off the frame

Isabella in all her glory - spread out on the floor.

Isabella in all her glory – spread out on the floor.

See how easy it is to want to make yet another quilt!

‘Catherine’ fabric line

This beautiful line in 3 color ways, shipping soon to your local or favorite quilt shop.


Was schedule for June shipping, have my fingers crossed it is on its way to you soon!

A quick snap of the quilt top for the FTU (‘free to use’ pattern), before packing it up and sending it off for machine quilting.

Catherine quilt top for FTU

Catherine quilt top for FTU


Homestead, Designed and made by Candy Hargrove Click on photo to download pdf pattern

Thank you Candy Hargrove for another great project for us!  Love the elongated Churn Dash blocks, a favorite block for both of us.

Don’t forget ‘you’ can make the quilt other sizes, how about a table runner? Of course you have to do the math, make a few blocks, add the sashing and a border, easy peasy, not rocket science.  🙂

Enjoy the summer – Fourth of July is fast approaching for a long weekend of fun and thankfulness for our Liberty.  Hope to see the Boston Pops perform, on TV of course.

Happy Sewing!



Book News!

First — I forgot to mention that the picture of the quilt in my Hollyhocks post earlier this month, is the FTU (free to use) quilt pattern, it is available at  Or you can find it on my website, by clicking on the picture of the quilt on my home page, the pdf file will pop up for you to print out.  Easy!

Second — After the long winter in most of our country, and it is St. Patrick’s Day – saving some green for you by offering a sale on the 4 most recent books I published —  ‘For All Seasons’, ‘Banner Day’, Prairie Flowers Encore’, and ‘Coming Home’.

For All Seasons

For All Seasons

Banner Day

Banner Day

Prairie Flowers Encore

Prairie Flowers Encore

Coming Home

Coming Home

Now is the time to make something fresh for spring!

Always remember that quilts can be made in other colors, consider Holiday themes, how about ‘your’ favorite colors!  You can also make them bigger, or make them smaller, make a square quilt oblong, make an oblong quilt square, or make a skinny quilt (aka a table runner), make them to suit your needs.

These books have been discounted 25%.

Find these deals here!


Yesterday March 16 in Nebraska we reached a high of 86 degrees, broke a record – way too warm and fast.  Today March 17 forecast a high of 55 (30 degrees cooler), it was 34 earlier this morning – hate these big temperature swings – hard to dress comfortably when spring/summer is still packed away.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m thinking a green salad for lunch, how about you?

This evening my wine will be red, not green, just so you know!





Hollyhocks – new fabric line

New fabric line – Hollyhocks – shipped in February!

Since we have been offering smaller groups, only needed to create two color-ways.

The first is in reds and greens – perfect for the Christmas Holidays, or any time of the year!

red and green color way of Hollyhocks

red and green color-way of Hollyhocks


Next up – black and brown color-way, beautiful for Fall or any time of the year!

Hollyhocks black:brown:gold



Here is a sneak peek at the gorgeous quilt that Candy has designed using Hollyhocks.  Thank You Candy for another wonderful project!

Candy also added pieces from my next group ‘Mill Run Shirtings’ – 12 pieces to add to your fabric collection in April.

Candy's FTU for Hollyhocks!


You can see the fabrics on my website, bundles are available if your local or favorite shop didn’t get this line.

One thing I love about winter – staying home and sewing!



A little more on Portland

Here is a picture of the ladies in the Hand pieced LeMoyne Stars class.

'Stars' group!

‘Stars’ group!

Judy who is also on the JoMortonStitchers Yahoo Group brought along her Leesburg – Scrap Basket Sew along to show and share.  Judy is the one that didn’t want another large quilt, instead of making the 6″ blocks she reduced them to 3″ – it is precious and very wonderful.  Here is a picture of her progress:

blocks downsized to 3" - so wonderful!

blocks downsized to 3″

Some more inspiration for you.


Where does time go?

Can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post.  Well, maybe I can, I was gone 6 days to teach at ‘Block Party’ event, hosted by Quiltmaker magazine in beautiful Portland, Oregon – fabulous time, great students, awesome event!

I was able to do a few posts to Facebook through Instagram on my smart phone since it is so easy.

I learned some things from my teacher friends about social media, let’s see if I’m a good student going forward, cross your fingers!

I had issues while in Portland – my laptop wouldn’t pick up the free WiFi at the beautiful Red Lion Inn.  And get this it also wouldn’t detect my MiFi that I pay for monthly – not a happy camper (probably operator error?).  These are the two reasons I didn’t Blog while away, now I’m home and will try to catch up in pieces and parts.

This evening will be a few high-lights.

First ‘Madison Manor’ fabric line is beginning to arrive at your favorite quilt shop!  You can see the line here:                                                        

FYI – it is much prettier in person, isn’t it always.

There is also a link on my home page for the ‘free to use’ (FTU) quilt for ‘Blue Variety’.  Candy did another great job for us on this beauty.  Remember, if you don’t need a quilt that size, make a unit for a table topper, or expand to a table runner, wall quilt, etc.  . . .  your choice.   🙂

If you shop my webstore, we are down to 10 sets available of the 5 book bundle special.

Would like to share this picture of the happy teachers in Portland – I think we were all photogenic at that moment.  Great memory for me!

Gudrun Erla, Bonnie Hunter, Debbie Caffrey, Jo Morton, Beth Farrier, Diane Harris, June Dudley and Peg Spradlin with her DH Darold.  Julie Herman was under the weather and don't have a picture of her.

Gudrun Erla, Bonnie Hunter, Debbie Caffrey, Jo Morton, Beth Farrier, Diane Harris, June Dudley and Peg Spradlin with her DH Darold. Julie Herman was under the weather and not in the picture.


Happy Stitching!


Summer time in the City – New York City that is . . .

As you know I went to New York to work last week.

I tried to Blog from my iPad, but I couldn’t figure out how to add a picture to my Blog Post.       I’ll figure it out one of these days, I know there must be a way or there ‘is’ a way, and I just don’t know it yet.  So had to wait until I returned home to show and tell.

A while back, Broadway (the street) was changed to this . . .

38th and Broadway – people space in the street, the green lane is for bikes, the red area is pedestrian seating with tables, chairs, umbrellas and hugh pots of greenery – beautiful!  Nice spot for a cuppa and a book or newspaper.

This means that the traffic is pretty much on the streets either side of Broadway.  Interesting to me.  As you can see people are taking advantage of a nice day.

In the office I found quilts hanging, among them these two.

‘Fairfax County Fair’ quilt, a FTU (free to use pattern) that can be found on the Andover Fabrics website.

‘Hurrah’, another FTU quilt pattern.

When I checked into the Hotel, I found this . . .

Welcome! Temperature and Conditions forecast for the next day and chocolate, very welcoming indeed.

There was also bed turn down service.  It is nice to be pampered a little.

This was Saturday June 23rd, leaving the office about 5:45pm, walking to the restaurant for dinner.

There were a couple of parades in NY this past weekend.  This intersection, 6th Avenue and 38th was blocked off for the Immigrant Parade and vendors.  I was most surprised by the vendors in the street and people everywhere instead a sea of yellow cabs.  Food and craft vendors.  NY trips never cease to surprise me with something, somewhere.


FYI today!

First the quilt top shown above has been quilted, bound and sent to the pattern writers, it is the FTU (free to use) project that uses Crimson Bouquet, this gorgeous quilt was designed by my friend Candy Hargrove, it will be showing up soon on the Andover Fabrics website. really love how Candy used the stripe to frame four blocks and then use the stripe again on the outer border.

Another and important FYI . . . .
I now have a new website that went up late last week.
Same address:

And a new Blog that can be accessed through the new website by clicking on the ‘Jo’s Journal’ tab, or use this link:

We are working to see if the Old Blog can be moved to the New Blog area.

If it can’t it will go away June 2012.

If we figure out how to move it, well, you will find it on the new website in the future.

Watch this ‘New Blog’ for what’s happening with Jo.
Thanks for reading this Blog and look forward to see you on the web!

Happy Stitching everyday.