Simple Friendships II – part 1

Today is the day, as I told you I would Blog about my projects for our ‘Kim and Jo’ book, Simple Friendships II.

I’ve said before, I don’t design on the computer, I use my design wall and play with blocks, audition fabrics, then determine which choice, and proceed.  I also take pictures with my iPhone, so I can look at the possibilities, the camera sees things differently, than I do.  I find it very helpful in decision making.

First Project – Churn Dash block used in my ‘Sparkle’ quilt

I selected the palette from ‘Jo’s Shirtings’ for my quilt. Shirtings backgrounds with the soft reds, charcoal, and medium light browns were selected from various lines, old and new.

The picture below shows the blocks on my design wall, partially atop a medium light brown print from ‘Jo’s Shirtings’.  Seemed a wee bland on the light brown.  How to problem solve – don’t toss the light brown, how about cutting some strips from the charcoal check, then what . . . try a stair step concept alternating the charcoal check and the medium light brown print, add the soft red cornerstones, and then I loved it!

Traditional with a fresh take? Sounds good to me.

Now to sew to make rows and assemble the top while on the design wall.  I know many of you make stacks and sew from stacks, I don’t do that. There are always options and choices, no right or wrong.  This is what I do, and am not changing now, seems to work for me.  <g>

arranging sashing strips to form stair step sashing, will add a border

Final result:

beauty shot – love it!


Next up – ‘Yesterday’ quilt, Ohio Star block

I wanted to make this quilt to use during Christmas Season, I think I would like to use it over the cupboard door in the dining room. A quilt I love to use at Christmas does not have to be red and green.  Just pretty and the red is perfect at Christmas in our 90 year old home, furnished with antiques mostly from PA and OH, and good reproduction furniture also from PA, OH, VA and New England. That is also another story of 20 years of collecting.

The border fabric is close to 20 years old, an early Baum print.  The gorgeous red print setting fabric is from ‘New Hope’ – love, love, love that line.  The Ohio Star blocks are from assorted fabrics old and new, my goal was to have the feel of an antique quilt with vintage charm.

one plan is to fold it over the cupboard door

Here is a close up of the corner of the quilt.

close up of some fabrics

Picture from our book:

Yesterday quilt


Harvest Home quilt is next

The ‘Hearth & Home’ block is used in my ‘Harvest Home’ quilt.

This quilt was made to be used on our harvest table.  I have Polish Pottery dishes and also some reproduction redware dishes, I felt no border was needed.

with Polish Pottery

with Redware pottery

and of course with Yellowware pottery, as shown in our book.

Harvest Home with Yellowware pottery

Pretty versatile small quilt treasure.

Gaggle of Geese quilt.

Love the block, now what to do?  Played on the wall of course to see what happened with turning the blocks.

auditioning two ideas at once

Across the top is four blocks with the larger dark triangles pointing toward the center, three blocks across.  I continued with that concept into the center row. Bottom row started playing with the blocks turning the dark corners toward the center.

There was something about the light triangles coming together that bothered me (probably a Jo thing), so ended up going with the bottom arrangement.

Here is my quilt top sewn together. Decided I didn’t want a border for this one, the lights and darks are balanced and a border skewed that for me.  I went with the no border option.

Gaggle of Geese top

Gaggle of Geese beauty shot – so pretty!

That is four of my seven projects this afternoon.

Will blog about the remaining three projects soon.  Enjoy your weekend!

Warm Wishes from snowy Nebraska!

7:30 am 1/12/2019  8″ to 9″

approx 1pm – after lunch out today, east entrance to Arbor Lodge Park, the line is the antenna on our Pickup.  Mother Nature puts on a most beautiful show!


Simple Friendships II – part 1 — 27 Comments

  1. I’m glad to see these quilts. I’ve been looking at the book on Amazon and I wasn’t sure how large the the quilts were. I can enlarge them for my preference, which is what I’d like to do. Thank you so much. I have a couple of favorites. Time to buy the book!

  2. Just bought my copy of Friendships II. Love every design! The warm red touches just make me want to snuggle in and enjoy the winter weather here in northern Wisconsin.

  3. Love those little quilts. You really have a gift with putting the fabric and colors together. The fresh fallen snow is beautiful. I hope you don’t get snowed in.

  4. The quilts are really pretty. I love the first one with the pops of red! ( I will probably copy that one when I get the book).

  5. Well Part 1 was all it took! I just ordered the book! I’m very excited about your new line that my LQS will get in May, so I think I’ll target these patterns for that line!

  6. So very interesting on how you audition your blocks. So much talent! Can’t wait to get the book and make some of these mini quilts. Anxiously awaiting Part 2!!! Stay warm…

  7. Thank you. I always love how you explain your thinking. I will miss taking classes from you but can appreciate that life on the road can get ‘old’.

  8. My favorite blogpost of the day! So much inspiration here. Thanks so much for sharing your thought processes on these settings.

  9. Love the Gaggle of Geese quilt. Going on a brief road trip soon so I’ll have to look for your book. Started yesterday playing with pieces in browns and creams for my niece. After reading this blog I think I will add in some reds (38042 for sure). So enjoy reading about your thought process as you plan your quilts. Enjoy your snow.

  10. Beautiful quilts, beautiful fabrics–looking forward to getting the book! I especially like the geese–neat to see them on the design board. Jealous of the snow; my son is heading back up to Creighton in a couple days–he, like me, loves the snow. Unusually, we haven’t had a really good snow here (Wichita KS) in over 2 years–it just. keeps. missing us! This last one melted as it hit the ground. I would love to get snowed in and QUILT the whole time!

  11. Brrrrrr, I feel your cold in seeing all that snow! I think I need a quilt to snuggle into and I love your Yesterday Quilt and Harvest Home, esp with the Polish Pottery. Thanks for sharing, Simple Friendships II is on my list of must have books.

  12. we were in Southern Illinois this past weekend, they received 10 inches also it snowed for three days it is unusual for them to get that much snow…it was very pretty but I have a real tough time with the wet cold air and moisture. i’m at home AZ enjoying the warm weather we have here. I love the new or existing WIP’s thanks

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