Long Term Project – Triangle Quilt

I was inspired by the cover quilt of Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilt in March 1986.

LCPQ cover, March 1986, inspiration quilt

Fast Forward 24 years (yes I know, sad isn’t it) to circa 2010, began sewing gobs of HST units, 8 identical units at a time, to make my version of this quilt.  I selected 1 1/2″ finish size for my small triangles, so I could see the prints and colors.  You know I love small blocks and small pieces, but this project was different for me.  I ran out of time to make the quilt and write directions before one of the Quilt Markets in 2010, so the triangles were stored in a bin.  At quilt Market someone had a similar quilt with a pattern (I do not remember who), so my project went on the back burner . . . for 8 years.

Last Spring I pulled out the bin, began cutting more large triangles and small loose triangles.  As luck would have it my cuts of ‘Spice It Up’ arrived and I could cut from them to add to this project.  Yea!

Large and Small loose HST

I began to assemble my quilt top, and each row I loved it more and more.  The project stalled while Russ and I took our 23 day trip in May that run into early June, I wrote about our trip earlier.

After returning, and getting other things caught up, it was time to work on this project so I could enjoy it this fall.  Here are a couple of close up pictures of the fabrics I used.

close up of quilt

another close up

I sent the top out to my friend Maggi Honeyman, to be machine quilted in an all-over meander pattern, so the quilting wouldn’t compete with the quilt.  Besides I’m not sure everything lined up ‘perfectly’, and don’t care, I’m human and close counts really big for me.

Finally, here is the picture of ‘one of my favorite’ quilts, shown in a favorite place to display my quilts, in the dining room ‘over the cupboard door’.  Earthy colors to complement pottery we’ve collected.

My Triangle quilt, enjoying it this Fall 2018, over the cupboard door

I’m not writing a pattern for this quilt, as there is one out there somewhere!

Time for me to make some of the quilts I’ve wanted to make, and I don’t have to write directions for them.

Thought you might like to know that some designers have aged WIP’s (works in progress), always happy when I can finally finish one of them, and enjoy it in our home.  This is the oldest one by far.

Happy Sewing to you!


Long Term Project – Triangle Quilt — 57 Comments

  1. That’s the prettiest quilt I’ve seen in a long time. I love your fabrics and now I know what I’m collecting them for! Doesn’t it feel great to finish an old project?!

  2. Sew pretty! Yes, it is encouraging to know that well known designers also have WIPs, that makes me feel so much better about mine.

  3. Love your quilt! It’s nice to know even quilt designers have long-term unfinished projects. I have many old quilt magazines saved with inspiration lying dormant.

  4. With your fabrics, it is just beautiful! I can’t wait for Spice it Up to be in my local quilt shop. I have her on notice to notify as soon as she gets it in.

  5. Love the earthiness, and with 8 triangles at a time method, I bet I could even make(and finish) a nice wall hanging for my cubicle at work-it needs some new “views” Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I am sooo in love with this quilt!! Guess I could probably figure it out without a pattern…but could you at least give us a hint as to how big the squares were cut for the large triangles (I know the small HSTs are 2” to finish at 1-1/2”, right?). And I love how you say close counts really big for you – thanks for kinda giving us permission not to worry about every point matching and everything lining up perfectly! And I too am excited about Spice It Up…my favorite colors!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve always loved this pattern. “Spice It Up” and “Jo’s Shirtings” have just been added to the bin for my charm quilts, they are such beautiful fabrics.

  8. That is just spectacular! The combination of your fabrics and that pattern just make a mouth watering quilt! Some things are simply timeless and classic and this quilt is like a long lost treasure rediscovered.

  9. Beautiful! I think maybe the pattern you recall seeing at market was “Antietam” from Clothesline Quilts. So very glad you got your version finished and displayed to enjoy this fall!

  10. Oh Jo, it is beautiful! I so wish i had more time to dedicate to my quilting. I have been searching out your past fabruc lines. My entire sewing area ia all Jo Morton! Yay!

  11. Oh Jo, what a beautiful quilt! I haven’t been quilting long enough to have many Works In Progress, but I do have stacks and stacks of fabric, patterns, etc. I am still working on building up my quilting confidence. Looking forward to Nebraska City’s Applejack Festival next weekend.

  12. Beautiful quilt Jo! In my 43 years of quilting my favorite quilts and experiences were through Two
    Thimbles working on your quilts….Fond memories..

  13. Absolutely beautiful!!! I truly love looking into my bin of unfinished projects. It’s like Christmas when I was a child. Something beautiful and new again, long forgotten. Your quilt truly is a treasure to love!

  14. Gorgeous quilt! I’ve been wanting to one similar to this for quite some time. I just love it! So happy for you and your new found freedom!

  15. That was one of my favorite magazines–as a new quilter in the 1980’s it taught me a lot. Lovely quilt and great to have it in the “finished ” column.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous Jo, you did a wonderful job. I worked earlier this year on tops dating back to 1998. Feels great to pull something out from years ago, complete it and still love it right.
    Peggy from Michigan

  17. Hullo from Australia. I laughed with delight- I have that exact front page in one of my folders and now I should try and make it. I have obviously liked it for that long too. How encouraging

  18. This pattern reminds me of Delectable Mountains. It looks wonderful with all of those “vintage” vintage fabrics. It reminds me about all of those make do quilts that frugal women couldn’t bring their selves to justify throwing away their scrap bits of fabrics. You made it work in your version. This also makes me want to re-read all of my early, pre-rotary cutters; 1980s quilt and craft magazines to find inspiration. Thank you Jo, for being willing to share pieces of yourself with us. All of your little pieces in your life’s stories form a patchwork quilt in and of itself.

  19. Love this quilt!! Tried to print picture so I could really look at it, but didn’t work. Is this a pattern I have seen called delectable mountains?? I love all your colors and fabric choices. Thanks for sharing. Debbie

  20. Love that you also have old projects. I pulled out a quilt that I cut with templates, just so I could “play” when my son went to kindergarden, he’s now 26….and it still isn’t pieced, though that “fun” part is done. Glad I’m not the only one–and I can’t blame it on being a designer–just being a procrastinator!

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