August 8, my turn for BlockHeads 2, Block 10

Greetings this fine Wednesday morning!  Today is National Friendships Day. Quilters seem to form a special bond of sisterhood, we have more in common than quilting, but that is what brings us together.

I’m happy I was not at the top of the BH2 list.  ‘Hickory Road’ has arrived at the studio, ships to quilt shops in January 2019, isn’t that just around the corner?

I’ll share what I’ve made using ‘Spice It Up’ one of these days, it was perfect to add in to an 8 year old project, that was recently completed, and of course made something new.

I selected Moda designer Sherri McConnell to join us in BH2.  My stand was across from Sherri and Chelsi at a Quilt Market last year, I had the best time getting to know them.  A wonderful mother daughter designing team.  Quilt Market is the place to get to know our Moda designer friends and family.

I selected only 4 fabrics for Block 10, Duck and Ducklings.  As you know, I opted to make a smaller project this time in BH2.

My block this week finishes at 12″, measures 12 1/2″ . . .  I have made quilts smaller than 12″, so this was a stretch for me!   LOL

It was fun to make this block, but wouldn’t it also be sweet smaller? This is the story of my life.  Small and smaller. It has probably been close to 30 years since I’ve made a 12″ block.

My block this week, I’ve had a bit of trouble with the link (gremlins), hope it works for you today:

Block 10, Duck and Ducklings

Pressing for Block 10:

Pressing, Block 10, Ducks and Ducklings

Do something fun today to celebrate National Friendships Day!

Best,  Jo



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