BlockHeads 2 and Russ and Jo’s vacation

We took a driving vacation after Spring Quilt Market in Portland, OR.

To accomplish this, we needed to drive to Portland, OR.  We allowed 4 days instead of 3 for the drive, so we could enjoy our beautiful country through Wyoming, the NE corner of Utah, across lower Idaho into Oregon.  

We left Portland Sunday Morning for our meandering drive back toward Nebraska.

Trivia: we were gone a total of 23 days, and drove a total of 5,400 miles in 10 states.

Our trip included:

visiting friends south of Eugene, OR

Crater Lake National Park:  Most of the rim roads were closed due to a late snow, still the view is drop dead gorgeous.

Then headed down into northern California to access I80 across northern Nevada (beautiful drive by the way)

I80 took us to Salt Lake City, to I15 down to see Bryce Canyon one day, then on to Zion National Park the next day.  

I’ve been to at least 4 Quilt Markets in Salt Lake City, and never ever took the time to drive to see these parks, why, as we were so close.  Probably that too busy thing?

Then on to one of our favorite places, Santa Fe, NM, spent 4 nights there, we already want to return. 

A visit to my cousin Fred in Colorado, our moms were sisters and we grew up 2 doors apart in Kansas, another over due trip, was a great visit.

Home was wonderful sight, and sleeping in our own bed.

On a sad note we lost sweet kitty Chloe a week before our big trip.  Life certainly has its ups and downs.  I’m looking for another kitty to adopt, we always seem to find each other, have my fingers crossed it happens soon.

Next to share about BlockHeads 2!

The designers were given participation options. 

I decided to make ‘my’ blocks (can’t wait to see which others I add) and to end up with a ‘small quilt’ this year. I have many uses for small quilts, but you all know that.

Be sure and follow the other Moda designers and the Moda Blog to get the links to all the weekly BlockHeads2 blocks.  

Happy Sewing!



BlockHeads 2 and Russ and Jo’s vacation — 16 Comments

  1. Glad you and Russ had such a fun trip. Sorry about Chloe. I know you miss her. I am sure there is a new friend just waiting for you and Russ to find them.

  2. So sad about Chloe. She was a very sweet kitty. But also so glad you went on that wonderful trip!
    This country is gorgeous! We went to Crater Lake 2 times- could not get enough.

  3. Very sorry for your sad loss of Chloe. As pictures told she was your sweet & close companion. Such treasured pics now.

  4. So sorry about Chloe Jo. I know it hurts to loose your furry family member! We just lost our Bailey our 14 pound Shihpoo dog after 15 years. It’s devastating.

  5. So glad to hear from you…. I was wondering….. what ….. and your trip sounds delightful. I drove part of that with my kids years ago… it was called the Oregon Trail. Of course there was no highway when there was an Oregon Trail so it was on and off…. there still are many “ruts” from that era. Let’s go sew!!!!

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. What you said is so true. Another one who is meant to be will find his/her way into your hearts. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I know too well the “too busy” syndrome and now, when I travel, I try to take at least a day on either side for exploring.

  7. I was in Santa Fe for the day in May. Went to 3 of the churches there, did not have time for the 4th. I could also go back there and spend 4 to 5 day just to see everything there and the surrounding area. Loved it.

    • Next time check out the museums, the Indian Museum on Museum Hill for one of the three, also a great place to eat there, the New Mexico Museum downtown, we saw the main floor this trip, will see more next trip.
      It is nice to re-visit places, we also enjoy the drive to Chimayo and Taos and back, it is beautiful and spiritual, feel at peace.
      Making memories!

  8. I am so glad you and hubby got to tour a bit and slow down. I sure have missed your blog and seeing what you’re up to. I’m anxious to see your blocks in Blockheads II. So sorry about your kitty. It’s like losing a family member. Welcome back.

  9. Oh, how wonderful, that you took such a nice trip! We are full time RVers and enjoy traveling a lot. We went to Arches but did not visit the others just yet. We went to North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We will head up to Oregon next month. I look forward to seeing your blocks! I am sorry about your kitty.

  10. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Sorry to hear about your dear Chloe. I lost my kitty Ranger last year. He was my best friend for 15 years and sorely missed. About 3 months later we adopted a little black kitten from the local animal shelter. We adore her. Hope you find another kitty companion real soon.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Glad you are finally able to take the time now. Hope you will soon find the right kitty to love again.

  12. Your trip sounds wonderful, Jo. We have often traveled through Nebraska City from Arkansas on our way to see friends in Nebraska. Where in Kansas did you grow up? My husband and I both have Kansas roots. Happy sewing. I love your quilts and have all your books.

  13. What a wonderful trip! We also took a trip from McMinnville OR to Minnesota and Chicago going through Nebraska as well and had a great time. We love road trips. One special stop was at Twin Falls, Idaho – we had never seen that canyon or the falls before!

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