Moda BlockHeads BOW

Wednesday – – – is still our favorite day of the week!

For now the fun news is that there is a BlockHeads 2 in the works.

The original 6 BlockHeads will be participating, and hoping an additional BlockHead or two will join us.

Just want you to know to stay tuned, takes time to sort this with everyones schedules, so the timing hasn’t been figured out.

Actually some of us still need to put the 2017 BlockHeads quilt together!  I’m one of them.  Maybe this week?  Hopefully by next week. Sometimes life gets the way of good intentions.

I’ve seen some beautiful finished tops on our FaceBook Group, looking forward to seeing more!

Happy Sewing!


Moda BlockHeads BOW — 14 Comments

  1. I will try to stay up with you ladies this next time. I may double the size to make a 12 in. block, as these little pieces are hard for me, an unconfident beginner. Thank you.

  2. I have all your blockhead patterns–sorry to say I haven’t made them all, but I am working on them. I love the different patterns–applique and block. I can hardly wait for the blockheads #2!!!!

    • Where are you trying to open the PDF files for the blocks, on the FB group?
      Ask on the FB group and you will get lots of help.

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