2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 47

Greetings, it is our most favorite day of the week – Wednesday!  I can hear you all chanting along with me – cheers back to you!

Question this week, as we near the end . .  if I could start my blocks and quilt over again, is there anything I would change or done differently?  For me each quilt is its own journey.  Life is a journey.  Begin a new journey, begin a new quilt.  I’m going to confess that sampler quilts are not my favorite, but for some reason this is turning out much better than I ever thought!  How am I doing with a non-answer?   I did finally figure out to try to stay with a color palette, kind of did that, mostly I’m very good with it all.  I do wish I had been a bit more creative with the appliqué blocks, especially after seeing what others did with theirs. Odd, but I would look at the block and make what I saw.  Never occurred to me to change it up.  Oh well.

How about you???  I’ve seen some awesome blocks and color palettes over these weeks into months.  I do want to share that, basically when I make a quilt, I make it for me, then share it with you.  Now, making it for me, pretty much means it needs to work in our small home.  I have problems using muslin from day one, circa 1980, so I avoid it.

I love earthy colors.  Reds clash well, I heard that first from Mary Ellen Hopkins eons ago (mid 1980’s), still works for me.  Brown is a great neutral.  I’m learning to love blues after all these years. Love certain color combos, like red/blue, red/green, red/brown, red/neutrals, blues/golds, black/golds, and madders make my heart very happy.  I can make pastel quilts, but the darker colors are more appealing with our antique furniture, reproduction furniture and decor.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE scrappy quilts – which gives me lots of chances to play with my fabric collection.  FYI, I have shelves of color, not fabric lines on shelves.  I want to play with ALL the reds, browns, greens, golds, blues, blacks, grays, neutrals, pinks and more.  Storing my fabrics as color shelves makes it easy for me.  And I have to ‘see’ my fabrics to be able to select for a project.  What do you do?

This weeks block is by our friend Lisa Bongean, you will find the directions on her Blog:


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Here is how I pressed my block, with the clipped intersections so I could press the way I wanted to press the block.

Block 47, pressing

And now, my block this week:

Block 47

Happy Sewing from Jo in Nebraska



2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 47 — 4 Comments

  1. Love your block! It’s so interesting with all the different fabrics. I have to store my fabric by color or I wouldn’t ever find just that piece, in just that color. If I could start over…, I think I would use precuts and maybe go with a red, white, blue theme.

  2. Jo,
    We are kindred spirits! I have a small 1950’s ranch house in Wisconsin and live three houses from a 600 acre regional park our beautiful Whitnall park. All my quilts are influenced by my environment (my “world”). I have been quilting since 1985. I have taken over a small bedroom in my house now fondly called “the quilt room”. The closet is where my larger cuts of fabric are stored and the smaller pieces are in clear bins on shelves in my basement…all by color. The smallest bits are stored in clear bins, sorted by “feel” rather than color, ready to make a pretty quilt. Note my basement is very dry as I run air conditioning all summer and I’ve never had a problem with the fabric and humidity. I love to hand quilt…it is the first way I learned to finish a quilt. I have more tops than finished quilts and I love each one for one reason or another. I would say almost all my quilts are “scrap” quilts… just love the process of the scrap quilt totally. Thanks to all the designers in the Blockheads. I am making my “Blockhead” quilt in two color ways…one for summer (August I think) and one for the Christmas season (reminds me of iced sugar cookies). I started out making 3 blocks of each pattern for each quilt because I needed the color variety as the others designers indicated so I am a bit behind but still looking forward to beautiful quilts. If I never finish all the blocks I still have enough right now for 2 beautiful quilts! Take good care!

  3. I have bins and bins and bags and bags of fabrics. Choosing fabrics is difficult. But, honestly, if I think about it you can’t really get it wrong! With Moda Blockheads I started out with batiks. Then cottons called out to me. So I mixed them. I like how they have turned out. Trust your gut! Thank you for all you’ve done for us!

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