2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 46

It is our most favorite day of the week – Wednesday!  Hump Day, new block day, what else do you do on Wednesday?  Maybe meet up with a friend for lunch day?

We are enjoying a cold snap and snow this winter, some may call it frigid hovering around zero, but all in all it makes me very happy.  I love winter, it is a calm time of the year for me, most everything is at rest, at least that is my take on it. It is good for my soul.  I do know there is work during every season, but for me when I look out at the snow, can see the birds busy at our feeders, it is just so very beautiful and magical to enjoy it all.  Just different from summer feeding the birds.  Ok, maybe I need a vacation.

This winter we are feeding a feral cat, we think the extra food will be good for him/her until spring, kitty is skittish, but he/she keeps showing up to devour the dry cat food and get a drink at the bird bath every evening, I’m sure he/she has a place to keep out of the elements and survive the winter.  Kind of like feeding the birds, helping them through the season.

This weeks question – when I stitch, hand or machine – do I listen to anything?  Music, podcasts, audiobooks, TV or Netflix.  First is my machine and hand answer – No to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

As for TV I like the old shows that I’ve seen dozens of time, it is background noise.  We have ME-TV and Cozy TV for this, remember Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote, Big Valley, those are the type of shows I like to have on.

Netflix – for when I’m seriously machine sewing it would be The Great British Baking Show for background noise with pretty food and I’m sure tasty desserts.  These type of shows do not mess with my brain or require my complete attention when I’m sewing.

Handwork is different for me, I can watch TV or Netflix and pause my stitching if I need to when a program gets good.  And this winter I’ve gotten back into pro football, looking forward to baseball soon.  I’ll also give college football another go next fall and see what the Huskers are doing.

This weeks block is by our friend Jan Patek – a sweet puppy and a kitty.  Go to Jan’s Blog to see her block and directions – http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

Be sure and check our friends Blogs for their versions:

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And the link to the Permanent Page:  http://blog.modafabrics.com/blockheads/ 

And now my block this week, I tried for a fabric that could be a bit like a calico cat, please use your imagination.

Block 46

This morning I put all my finished BlockHead blocks on the design wall, now to figure out what fabric(s) to use, and how will I set my blocks?

Happy Stitching!  Jo


2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 46 — 5 Comments

  1. It’s so nice to hear someone else loves winter. I do too for the same reasons. I call it quilting season when life quiets down and there is more time for quilting. I keep my bird feeders full too.

  2. Loved reading your responses! I’m a TV listener while sewing.
    Darrell and I were just discussing going to the NE Spring game April 21. We’ve never been to one, in some ways with Scott Frost coming home it tugs at us to make the trip from Illinois to Nebraska. I’d miss Paducah, but it will be there next year.
    I hope to make the hand stitching retreat this fall. Enjoy the rest of your winter. Peace to you!
    Nancy Brandt

  3. I have so enjoyed your blogs & am really going to miss them. Thank you for participating in BlockHeads. It has been fun. What fabric line is displayed at the top of your blog? Are they all from 1 line? They are so pretty!!

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