2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 43

It is our favorite day of the week . . . Wednesday . . . and we are rolling toward the end of this great journey with you.  I think we have all learned along the way, we are a diverse group with many methods to achieve the same end product (aka quilt top).  I think that is one of the things I really love about quiltmaking, many ways to do anything, and no one way is right or wrong.  Creative, that us.

Question this week:  How many quilts-projects did you make this year?  I am not a counter, it would take some time to figure this out, and really it doesn’t matter to me.  Sorry about that, well kind of, maybe not really?   LOL

I do know that I’ve been making a few ‘for me’ quilts, small ones of course, ones I don’t have to write directions for.  That means I enjoy the ‘process’ a bit more.  The Flying Geese quilt I posted on Instagram that pushed to my Facebook JMQ page, was one of those. I had it Machine Quilted in an all over stipple/meander design that seems to disappear on the quilt, I liked that.  It was made entirely with ‘New Hope’ line that ships in January 2018 – very soon. You can see the fabric in my Blog header.  I think it is a really happy quilt for the Holidays!

This weeks block is by our friend Lynne Hagmeier, you can find the block directions on her Blog:  http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

Be sure and check our friends Blogs for their versions:

Jan Patek – http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

Betsy Chutchian – http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/

Lisa Bongean – https://lisabongean.com/

Moda Carrie – http://blog.modafabrics.com/

And . . . now my versions, with the pressing first:

Block 43, pressing

And . . . now my block . .

Block 43

The background fabric is from ‘New Hope’, it comes in a few colors/shades.

Don’t forget to check out the permanent page, that is updated weekly to include our  friend David’s Directory for the FB Group and it includes link to everything BlockHeads related.


I hope you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas!

Russ and I do not exchange gifts, never have, at the beginning it was because we didn’t have disposable income, over the years we buy what we want or need all through the year, and used to say, this is for your birthday or anniversary or Christmas, of course we lost track eons ago.  The best part is buying something together on a trip, something we both love and have a  place for in our home (criteria – – – we have to have a place for it, to buy it).  For example quite a few years ago we bought a Navajo rug in Santa Fe, a small one that has hung on the wall in our family room all these years, love it as much today as the day ‘we’ bought it. Another trip it was joined by another Navajo rug from Santa Fe, another trip to Santa Fe we brought home beautiful pottery.  I cannot tell you about all the trips east, and all the ‘things’ that were hauled back to Nebraska in a mini van.  We live with many reminder memories around us, hope you do too.

Now on to the New Year – making more memories, and yes of course some more quilts.



2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 43 — 2 Comments

  1. We used to exchange gifts but can’t anymore as we give money to our grandchildren. Now we live in a travel trailer of 24 feet with lots of our things sitting in storage. I don’t buy much fabric either, not with 20 boxes of my favorites in storage.

  2. This year I made at least 25 quilts. Most of these were small quilts. My go to inspiration is Jo Morton’s little quilts book and Carole Hopkins. These were my preferred “go to” resources. I also learned to paper piece this year and I love the technique. As a matter of fact, I hope to find more paper piecing patterns in the new year!

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