2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 39

Greetings – it is our favorite day of the week, hump day!  Oh yes, you get the next BlockHeads block day too.  Life is very good, isn’t it.

The question this week:  Have you started your Christmas Preparations? Baking? Shopping? Make a gift-wish list for yourself?  Hummm, I have different goals, mostly because we were not blessed with children, we go to family members homes for the Holidays where we see nieces and nephews and are watching their families grow, and grow up.

Russ and I are still in our ‘starter home’, we have lived here all but about the first 3 or 4 months of our 46 years of marriage. It is ‘home’, I cannot imagine living in any other house or any place else.  This is our corner, here in Nebraska City, Nebraska (50 miles from either Lincoln or Omaha) and  . . . we have great neighbors!

I hope everyone enjoyed a Blessed Thanksgiving with family and or friends.  I love this time of year, we take the time to see loved ones, whether they be family or friends.  I see a personal New Years resolution, and not wait for said Holidays.

In the meantime, we have more blocks to sew!

My week, block 39, Framed Star . . . you will find the block directions here:  http://unitednotions.com/Block39JM_FramedStar.pdf

First I’m sharing the pressing and where I clipped for pressing this block:

Block 39, clipping and pressing

A little more complicated than most blocks, but I know you are up for it!

I did piece the center star block first, then added the outer framing piecing, it was NOT assembled row by row.

And now my block . . . the dark brown print was from ‘Timeless’ line, the lighter tan print and the medium tan print are from my new line ‘New Hope’ it ships in January 2018, just around the corner!

Block 39

Be sure and check our friends blocks for their tips or variations:

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And be sure and check the permanent page, with updates and of course the most recent version of David’s Directory for the Facebook Group, that includes everything BlockHeads related.


Enjoy sewing this block, mostly enjoy your Christmas preparations and time with family and friends.

In stitches . . . Jo


2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 39 — 6 Comments

  1. I have been following all the blocks which are all fabulous ! Love all that you share, the questions you have answered are always so interesting and a great insight into all that you all do. Wishing you a wonderful Xmas.

  2. Many folk go all out for Christmas celebrations and gifts. I have found that many are not appreciative of what they are given. So, since they are either ungrateful or wasteful of the gift, they are no longer on our gift list. We no longer put up a tree, and decorate since we are now in very small housing, a travel trailer for the last 6 years. We may exchange one small thing at Christmas. I find the crowds noisy and vain, more more more! Love these blocks, i’m collecting all the patterns, though do not have much room to work with them. Thank you for giving me something exciting in my “old craft” to read adn encourage me to get back to it. Inspiration is needed. Thankyou!

    • Dear Jean,
      I’m happy you have found your true Christmas. It is different for all of us.
      TV Christmas is a fantasy, IMHO.
      I totally understand your thoughts, seems to come with age, isn’t that a very good thing. We have our values placed correctly.
      I find time with good friends so much better than gifts.
      There are no gifts under our pre-lit, no decorations tree. The warmth of the lights in the evening is my happiness. We also have a carved Santa collection that is out every year.
      Time is precious, friendships are precious.
      We are all different, enjoy your Merry Christmas!
      Hoping you find some stitching time with your ‘old craft’.
      In Stitches,

  3. I’ve been enjoying the Blockheads challenge so thenk you. My question is I can not find the black and white pattern from Moda for Block #39? I’ve looked at all the links but can not locate it anywhere can you help me? Sincere thank you. Diana Lentz

  4. Hi Jo, I knew the answer to a pressing dilemma would be found on here. I made the centre star of this block for the new Karen Styles mystery quilt. Now my little block is pressed flat . Many thanks for showing your pressing skills and I heed your previous advice to me on snipping the seams. Best wishes. Shirley.

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