2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 37

Our favorite day of the week – Wednesday!

Let me say that I think weeks are less than 7 days now, as Wednesday rolls around fast!

Our question this week – Do you remember your first Quilt Market as an Exhibitor?  When was it?  Was it exciting? Terrifying?  Both?

My first Quilt Market was Spring 1995 in Charlotte, NC.  I loaded our mini van and drove there from Nebraska.  I also visited a Folk Art Show friend in Louisville, KY on the way.  Regarding Shows and Exhibiting – I did my first Folk Art Show in Ohio in 1988, so by 1995 I was used to driving to shows, and setting up booths.  However Quilt Market was a new experience and I went with 7 patterns – in hind sight that was a bit terrifying!  The reason I decided to try Quilt Market, was some ladies in Virginia asked me to create patterns for my small quilts when I had a booth at a Folk Art Show in Virginia (could have been Williamsburg or Annandale, VA).  After all, the ladies had their fabric collections even then, and they loved my small quilts, so began another journey for me.

Those were some great times when people appreciated hand crafted and were willing to pay for handmade, from furniture, pottery, paintings, woven goods, bear artists, doll artists, tinsmith, carvers, small quilts, and other folk art items. That was the beginning of my collecting over the years and still love each and every piece that holds those memories of the makers. And, you may find this a bit hard to believe, but am still in contact with some of them yet today.

This weeks block is by our friend Lynne Hagmeier, you can find the block directions on Lynne’s Blog:  http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

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First the pressing for this weeks block:

Block 37 pressing

Block 37 pressing

And now this weeks block:

Block 37

Do not forget the link to the permeant page with everything BlockHeads related:


One more thing, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, Best Wishes sewing this block while planning and preparing for Thanksgiving, a wonderful day to celebrate our many blessings with family and friends.

In my life, everyday has a blessing, if we take the time to look close enough.  Jo




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