2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 30

Another special Wednesday!  We are feeling a bit Fall-ish here today, high of 64, kind of nice after last week in the mid 90’s (just not right in September is it).

This weeks topic – name a ‘famous’ quilter that inspired-taught you in the past 20 years, that you hope quilters will remember 20 years from now.  I’m picking Jeana Kimball, I took an appliqué class from her when she taught at the Liberty Quilt Shop in Liberty, MO, I’m guessing it was around 2000, give or take.  She taught me the back-basting prep method for needle turn appliqué.  Not that I do tons of appliqué, but this is my go to method, I’ve taught classes on it, and it is very portable, and I think easy.  I also want to share, Jeana has an Instagram presence if you want to see what she is up to (search for Jeana Kimball) she also has tutorials, that means you get free tutorials from her!  And, Jeana is now officially off the road for teaching travels, like myself, so you still have access via Instagram to her gorgeous work and workmanship.  I’m a basics kind of gal, no frills, no extra tools, all you need is the recommended needles and thread, and scissors of course, after you have marked the design, you are off and stitching!  But you also know I’m an old fashioned girl, and enjoy the process of quiltmaking.

This week’s block is by our friend Carrie Nelson, and personally am happy for an easier block, some weeks we need an easier block, don’t we.  Well I did this week, nuff said.

Here is the link to Carrie’s Blog:    http://blog.modafabrics.com/

This is how I pressed my block: note I used my clipping trick at the seam intersections.

Block 30, pressing

And . . .  my Block 30, we are moving along now!

Block 30


Be sure to look at our friends Blogs to see their versions, lots of possibilities for light and dark play and placement.

Lynne Hagmeier   –   http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

Jan Patek – http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

Betsy Chutchian – http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/

Lisa Bongean – https://lisabongean.com/

Always check this link to the permanent page, updated weekly to include the new block of the week, and the most recent version of David’s Directory for the FB Group.  He is a very nice and kind person to step up and help us out on this journey of BlockHeads blocks.


Enjoy making this block, I’m looking forward to see what you do with your block!

Happy Stitching!  Jo


2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – Block 30 — 3 Comments

    • Hi Linda, I’m an old fashioned quilter who learned to quilt in 1980, I’ve always pre-washed my fabrics, I normally wash nothing smaller than FQ, mostly HY or yards, in the washing machine, gentle cycle, laundry soap (not much), full cycle, then into the dryer – permanent press cycle, less dry feature, then wrinkles are not heat set, out of dryer, fold nicely to fit on the shelf, press fabric when ready to cut. I know there are other newer techniques, but I’m doing what I’ve always done and it works great for me. Also the block was squared to measure 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ which means cutting off slivers of fabric or any fraying. Hope this is helpful, best wishes Jo

  1. Hi Jo. I might have to make this block just to test out how you have pressed the seams and cut into them. I think I have worked it out. It looks so neat and tidy. I am definitely with you on sewing needle and a drawn line kind of stitching.

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