2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – block 28

Boy these fun posting days show up faster than once a week, I just know it!

This weeks topic – Hand Quilting . . . do you HQ, yes!!!   How frequently?  sporadically, depends what else I have for handwork, because I ‘love’ handwork from hand-piecing, back-basting prep method for needle turn appliqué, EPP, did I mention hand-piecing, and of course I love to HQ small quilts.  Small quilts are portable and easy to carry along and get them done.  I do not see myself HQ anything larger than a quilt that measures from 24 to 30 inches in my future.  But, things change, times change, so who really knows?  I learned to make quilts by hand in 1980, it is in my quilting DNA.  I also machine piece and enjoy that too.  I used to do machine appliqué, did tons of the fuse the shape hold it with machine buttonhole stitch, but mostly on hand towels (for show of course, can’t use pretty hand towels), I sold them for some time in the 1990’s.  I know TMI.  But maybe, just maybe you will understand it is just me, I’m not changing and will continue with handwork forever.

First I want to show you 27 of my BlockHead Blocks:

27 blocks

I do not have a setting figured out yet, I don’t expect to have one until I have the 48 blocks sewn.  It is the way I work, and have worked all these years.  Can’t change that now!

This weeks block is by our friend Jan Patek, a pumpkin with Fall in mind.  I did make a big Four Patch background for my block using ‘Timeless’.  The pumpkin and stem are from my January line ‘New Hope’, it arrived in time to use in this block.

block 28

You will find Jan’s block directions on her Blog:    http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

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And of course the Link to the permanent page:  http://blog.modafabrics.com/blockheads/ 

Until next week, happy sewing!  Jo



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