3rd time’s a charm?

Is this Friday the 13th?

Gremlins seem to be messing with me and the computer, this is the corrected link to my Blog.



or better yet, try this link to the corrected ‘blog post’ that has the block link this morning:



Maybe I need a new computer?  This one seems possessed, it is 6 years old.

On the upside, Russ’s surgeon was quite happy with his progress yesterday at his after surgery checkup in Omaha.

There is always something to be grateful for.

Now, once again, ‘let’s go sew’!




3rd time’s a charm? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jo, Just wanted to let you know a group of us met at Two Thimbles to help Lee celebrate her 10 year anniversary. We did some reminiscing of how we all met signing on with your series.
    We agreed it was a wonderful time of learning and creating thanks to Lee and her gentle encouragement. After 42 years of quiltmaking I am slowing down quite a but but not by choice!
    Prayers for your husband to have a complete recovery.

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