2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW – block 19

This week – “Do you wash-clean quilts in your home?”  If so, How?

First, I pre-wash my fabrics, in the washing machine, with the detergent I use to wash our clothes, I use the short cycle, cold water, it takes about 26 minutes.  Then into the dryer which is set on ‘Permanent Press’ and ‘less dry’, that way I can walk away and the fabric isn’t over-dried with wrinkles.  I also set my Phone’s timer to remind me to go fold the fabric.  I’ve been quilting since 1980, and I’ve pre-washed fabrics all those years, I do not see myself changing my habits, and I have asthma and allergies, pre-washing is important to me.  You asked!  <g>

And yes I’ve washed my quilts, but I do not wash a quilt once it is MQ and bound.  I use them until I think they may need a wash, sometimes kitties will help you with a reminder by throwing up on them.  Into the washer on cold water, gentle cycle (have a front loader), a small amount of the same detergent I use to wash my clothes.  I don’t use color catchers and don’t have problems.  This works for ‘me’ where we live.  Remember ‘no rules’, many suggestions though.

All water is not the same, different cities use different chemicals in the water to keep bacteria levels low and safe.  Some of you will have rural water, some have wells, it all varies, no easy answers.  Nothing is across the board, it is trial and error.  If you are happy with what you do, keep doing it!

NEVER, ever have a quilt or cotton quilt fabric dry cleaned. It states that on the bolt.


This weeks block is by our friend Lynne Hagmeier, a group of Flying Geese units she calls ‘Night Flight’ – aren’t they sweet!

You will find Lynne’s tips and tricks and directions for this block on her Blog:

Lynne Hagmeier

Blog – http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

Block 19

block 19 pressing

I cut my fabrics to make 4 Flying Geese at once, made 2 different sets and you see my arrangement. I used my Bloc_Loc 1 1/2″ x 3″ ruler to square up the units.  I also went with a darker background, thinking of geese flying near the end of day at dusk or near dark.  You can tell me to stop thinking if you wish!

Flying Geese can also be made with rectangles and squares as given in the directions.  I love that there are many ways to accomplish anything in quiltmaking.

Be sure and check out our friends Blogs and read their tips for this block, so much info for you.

Jan Patek

Blog – http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

Betsy Chutchian

Blog – http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/

Lisa Bongean

Blog – https://lisabongean.com/

Moda Carrie

Blog – http://blog.modafabrics.com/

Last, but not least, the all important permanent page that will be updated weekly, and the most recent version of our friend David’s Directory for the FB Group that includes links to everything BlockHeads related.


It is darn hot and humid here now in SE Nebraska, so happy to stay inside in the AC.



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  1. Why can’t you put the block on a given page rather then having to peruse the whole web. Can’t you do that??????????

    • If you read the info on our Blogs, there is a permanent page and link to it with the blocks. However you miss out on 6 designers tips and tricks of the week. And weekly, we take time out of our busy schedule to make the blocks, write blog posts, take pictures, all for free and seems our time isn’t appreciated or worth it to you. Sad day for me.

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