Moda BlockHeads BOW, block 18

Question today is: do I sew or stitch every single day.

Is it planned?

Or a habit?

How much time do I spend sewing each day?

Whew, that is a LOT to cover.  My day: get ready for the day, then email, social media, make the bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, sometimes laundry, or whatever needs done that day.  We all have a normal life besides the ‘work’ for lack of a better term. I’ll confess to a cleaning lady, thank goodness for her.

I ‘try’ to sew or stitch every single day, I think we all have very good intentions, then life happens.  My sewing isn’t exactly planned, like cut and out ready to sew. Some days are planning days, some are designing days, make test blocks, how to press the block. I do not design on a computer, I don’t have those skills.  I’m old fashioned as I learned to quilt 37 years ago, and seriously I’m fine with what I do, and how I do it.

I do think that sewing and stitching is a good habit, I sewed clothes long before I learned to quilt.  I made my first skirt when in grade 6 or 7, and it was good enough to wear to school.  I also embroidered when I was ‘little’, tea towel sets and pillowcases.  I also crochet with thread and did edges on pillowcases and around handkerchiefs (anyone remember those?).  My mom sewed so did my grandmother on my dad’s side, and they both crafted (they didn’t use that word), and my mom also worked for the telephone company (number please).  I grew up with ‘doing’ because I can’t think of another word that kind of covers it all. Never bored for sure!

An aside, over the years before quilting, I did ceramics, wood crafts (bought a scroll saw, sander, router and some other tools), macrame that was never used but experienced the mess it made, LOL’s.

This week we have Block 18 by our friend Carrie Nelson!

This is my version:

block 18

This is how I pressed my block, using my ‘clipping trick’ at the joining seam intersections:

block 18 pressing

You will find Carrie’s tips and tricks for making this block:

Moda Carrie

Blog –


Be sure and check out our BOW friends Blogs to see their tips and tricks and how they organize their days!  Much to learn from us as we all seem to operate a bit differently, but still we ‘get it done’.

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Lastly don’t forget this important link to the permanent page for our BlockHeads BOW. 


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We did, it is a special time of year, love the noise and seeing all the flags flying.

In stitches until next Wednesday,  Jo





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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog today I also worked the old fashion switchboard. It made me laugh. All those plugs and cords trying to remember where they go. But I did And that was in 1970. Thanks. Geri

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