Moda BlockHeads BOW, Block 17

It’s that time again!

This weeks topic is – do you keep a written list of your WIP’s (you know those works in process), how about a list of ‘quilts I’d like to make” and ‘Projects that we have all the parts and just need to start’ . . . the reality is we all do.

I’ve been sorting mine, and actually recently sewed binding to a wall quilt that has been resting, and I MQ a border on a doll quilt, straight lines from the center to the outer edge, spaced 1″ apart, it was easy, just sit down and do it, then sewed the binding to it.  Two off the list!

Today I’ve placed two other small/doll quilt tops on the ironing board, will cut batting and backing tomorrow and sandwich them, I’ve finally figured out how I want to HQ these sweeties made with 1/2″ hexagons.  Some days it just takes a plan.  Once something is ready for HQ, it will move to near my comfy chair and take its turn in my daily handwork, either early morning or while watching TV before bedtime. I must note that I also can HQ and HP in the car, I’m lucky that I can stitch in the car when Russ is driving.   Most days some handwork happens, others it doesn’t, either too tired or the movie is too good to not watch, etc.

And lastly I’ve moved a project that has been resting since 2013, accompanied by its fabric, and hope to get borders figured out and added to the appliqué blocks in the center.  Life gets in the way of some things, pushed aside, then found again, this one is due to be finished this year, it will be a nice wall quilt.

This week is Block 17 by our friend Lisa Bongean, and it is an easier block this week. Enjoy selecting your fabrics for this sweet one.

Block 17

Here is my block pressing for this block, just like the pattern:

block 17 pressing

You will find Lisa’s block here, be sure to click and see her tips for this one:

Blog –

Here are a few of my blocks with the new block.

block 17 and some friends

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Lastly here is the link to the ‘permanent page’ for the Moda BlockHeads. 


Enjoy your week and especially the Fourth of July.  I love this time of year, so many great childhood memories, I enjoy all the sounds of this favorite Holiday!



Moda BlockHeads BOW, Block 17 — 4 Comments

  1. Love this block. I keep WIP in clear project bags and bins to pull out as needed. If I don’t keep them in sight they are forgotten. When the pile gets too big and out of control I concentrate on whittling them down.

  2. So glad to learn that my UFOs are not languishing on the shelf, they are resting! But it is time for several of them to be given some attention!

  3. I do keep a list of the works in progress. I add a project to this list as soon as I got the fabric gathered for it. I list dates when started and finished. I also have an area to keep the progress of each project. I also keep in this area size, pattern name, designer, batting type, who is quilting it, who I gave it to, and if the binding is done. I also keep a photo album of my quilts with all the information written on the back. I like to go back and see past works and remember them and see who I gave them to. I have been doing this for years.

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