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This weeks question: What is my favorite quilt that I didn’t design.  Oh my this is really hard.

For years I’ve created quilts to self publish as patterns, books then in my JLW Club.

However over the years I’ve also loved some quilts that other designers created and published, BUT, I didn’t have time to make them.  OK, I did make one of Edyta Sitar’s that was in APQ 2 or 3 years ago, lots and lots of small Four Patches in a strippy setting.

I’m still in love with antique quilts, they fit into our home perfectly. The past few years I’ve collected some antique quilts to hang over the cupboard door, over the back of a chair, or sometimes hang on the wall if they are study enough, a folded stack is eye candy for me.  I’ve collected some quilts that I would never make, like the one a couple of years ago that had over 9,000 pieces in it, it is amazing to me and I love it so, and realize I would NEVER make it, but I may make a small doll quilt size one of these days.   I also love a starburst quilt I purchased about 4 years ago, made with mostly pinks and browns and some red – it is fabulous.  Seems I’m in my much loved rut of making small quilts to use in our (small) home.

Not sure this answers the question, exactly.  <g>

I’ll admit, I didn’t answer it, and I can’t.


This weeks block is by our friend Carrie – thank you for an easier block with simple beauty!

Here is the link to Carrie’s blog with Moda:

Moda Carrie

Blog –

block 12

Feels like a Windmill, but then I live in the midwest, SE Nebraska.

This is how I pressed my block this week, again some seams were pressed open.  I normally make 2, 3 or more blocks when making a quilt to figure out the best pressing method.  I made this ‘one’.  🙂

block 12, pressing

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Here are my 12 blocks.

12 blocks!

Happy Sewing!  Jo



Block 12, 2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW — 6 Comments

  1. All 12 of your blocks are gorgeous! I love the fabrics you are using. As I am new to quilting, so I had never heard of specific designers of quilts and fabrics before joining Block Heads. I am currently purchasing fabrics from the designers as well as some of the tools recommended. I’ve learned so much! My favorite quilt I didn’t design (or quilt) was the Double Wedding Ring quilt top started by my Great Grandmother and finished by my Grandmother. The top sat in a brown paper bag for well over 40 years. Last fall I sent it to a textile specialist and hand quilter who hand quilted it for me. It is so beautiful and in pristine condition despite its storage in that bag. I recognize fabrics from clothes my Grandmother made for me when I was little. The textile specialist said there were fabrics from as early as early 1930’s to late 1960’s. It is truly a treasure.

  2. Jo, you always inspire me. I will never forget the lesson I learned from you during your class I was fortunate to attend in Milwaukee many years ago – “Enjoy the process!”

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