Week 10, Block 10 – Moda BlockHeads BOW

Cannot believe it is week 10!

This week we are talking about favorite color for fabric.

Well I think you all know I’m basically a brown girl. My eyes are brown, not sure that is an accurate connection. Must confess that the past year or so, I’m quite smitten with blue. I know, shocking!  However blue is another ‘b’ word, so that works for me.

I also love red, pink, some yellows and golds, cheddar, black, gray, green (olive family mostly), not pastels though or brights.  I’ve always loved Reproduction or Traditional colors, and I don’t see me changing as antique quilts hooked me shortly after I began making quilts.

One funny thing is that I own a lot of blue fabric, didn’t sew with it much though, that will be and is changing soon.  I’ve had the ability to have a good variety of colors ‘on hand’ because I’ve lived 50 miles from a quilt shop ever since I started quilting in 1980.  It was logical to collect. Don’t laugh, logic wins!


Block 10 is by our friend Jan Patek, go to her Blog to get the block:

Blog – http://janpatek.blogspot.com/

I do love to hand appliqué, hand piece and hand quilt small quilts.  This BOW is taking care of 2 of my loves, the appliqué and hand piecing, 2 out of 3 is great!  Please note the the hand quilting is on small quilts, this quilt will not be ‘Jo small’.

My block this week, mostly made with my new line ‘Timeless’, it ships to your local or fav quilt shop in August. The rust basket handle is from ‘Reflections’.

block 10

Don’t forget to check the other designer’s Blogs to see their versions and read their tips!  Have fun and happy sewing!


Lynne Hagmeier

Blog – http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

Betsy Chutchian

Blog – http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/

Lisa Bongean

Blog – https://lisabongean.com/

Moda Carrie

Blog – http://blog.modafabrics.com/



Week 10, Block 10 – Moda BlockHeads BOW — 2 Comments

  1. My blocks are mostly your fabrics and I cannot wait until timeless is available. It looks so pretty. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Since meeting you in Calgary at Traditional Pastimes a few years ago, I have become a steadfast back baster. Jenna Kimball is a big influence, too.
    It just suits me! Thanks!

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