Oops, my bad, and yes I make mistakes

It seems when I was hurrying to get everything caught up before leaving on vacation with my DH, we were meeting up with friends for fun days in Europe, my brain mis-fired (actually more than once). But today I’m talking about my Blog post for Block 9.

Russ and I were gone April 17th through May 7th, almost three lovely weeks away.  I decided before I left that I was ‘unhooking’ and enjoying vacation.

When I was writing the Blog posts ahead to post while we were away, I copy/pasted the block link for Block 9 into the Blog Post, seems I didn’t do the next step and make the link ‘live’.

So very sorry!  But I’ve mentioned I do make mistakes, some mistakes are bigger than others.

I’m not that techie either, and it seems I have many friends that are not techie either.  Things are changing fast these days, about the time I figure something out, it changes.

Basically I would rather be sewing than sitting at the computer.  How about you?

Many people suggested that those who could not download the file, to copy/paste the ‘link into your browser’, then you would be able to access the pdf file.

I think we should all remember the tip above about ‘copy/paste’, because, trust me I’ll definitely make mistakes in the future. In the meantime please accept my apology.

Now back to your regular programming – Happy sewing!



Oops, my bad, and yes I make mistakes — 8 Comments

  1. I appreciate your posts so much, and there are plenty of other blogs to check for the link if one is not working!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the Blockheads – I’m having so much fun! (I just ordered your new book as well!)

  2. Please do not worry. You are human after all. I knew it would be sorted out sooner or later. Just giave me more time to complete other things LOL.

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