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This week’s topic – cleaning sewing machines.

How frequently?  I do clean out around the bobbin case with each full bobbin installed.

How thoroughly?  I take my machine in for an annual cleaning, let them check everything out.  I feel it is a good investment.

Did I name my sewing machine. . .  sorry no, nor my car, not anything.  I have friends that do, I just never have.

What kind of machine do I prefer?  I’m a Pfaff girl.  I love the duel feed mechanism, was sold on that maybe close to 20 years ago.  Several ladies in our local quilt guild owned Pfaff’s and so I asked them about why Pfaff?   When I was ready for a new machine, I went and took a test drive and haven’t looked back.  Besides, I piece quilts on my machine, no embroidery for me, and I haven’t machine appliquéd in close to a decade, and I don’t sew clothes anymore either, but have hemmed new jeans.  I’m 5′ 8″ why would I need to hem jeans?

I think you have to think about how do you use your sewing machine when making a decision on what to buy, don’t forget to take a test drive!  No one size fits all.


Block 9 is my week – Ohio Star variation


Block pressing shown below, I did press the joining seam ‘open’ on the Four Patches.

block pressing 

You can download the block pattern here:

Here are my first 9 blocks together! It is fun to see the progress!

first 9 blocks

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Happy Sewing!



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