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This week’s topic – cleaning sewing machines.

How frequently?  I do clean out around the bobbin case with each full bobbin installed.

How thoroughly?  I take my machine in for an annual cleaning, let them check everything out.  I feel it is a good investment.

Did I name my sewing machine. . .  sorry no, nor my car, not anything.  I have friends that do, I just never have.

What kind of machine do I prefer?  I’m a Pfaff girl.  I love the duel feed mechanism, was sold on that maybe close to 20 years ago.  Several ladies in our local quilt guild owned Pfaff’s and so I asked them about why Pfaff?   When I was ready for a new machine, I went and took a test drive and haven’t looked back.  Besides, I piece quilts on my machine, no embroidery for me, and I haven’t machine appliquéd in close to a decade, and I don’t sew clothes anymore either, but have hemmed new jeans.  I’m 5′ 8″ why would I need to hem jeans?

I think you have to think about how do you use your sewing machine when making a decision on what to buy, don’t forget to take a test drive!  No one size fits all.


Block 9 is my week – Ohio Star variation


Block pressing shown below, I did press the joining seam ‘open’ on the Four Patches.

block pressing 

You can download the block pattern here:

Here are my first 9 blocks together! It is fun to see the progress!

first 9 blocks

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Happy Sewing!



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  1. Hi JO. I can’t seem to open that link. Moda only has a link back to you site. . Can you help me please?

  2. Good morning Jo. Another lovely block and I am eager to start. I clean and oil my machine after each project—not a take all apart cleaning but mainly the feed dogs and wipe down. As far as naming my machines-I have trouble calling my grandkids the correct names so I just call my machines whatever comes to mind, according to the way they are acting at the moment. My long arm is named Miss Daisy but I call her Poopie Head when she skips stitches. My favorite brand is the one that is the most dependable, usually my Singers.

  3. I always love your design and fabric choices, your blocks are beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about how you do things, and for sharing your work.

  4. Thanks Jo! This is a great one. I can’t believe I have kept up (so far) with these little guys. Since I am doing it in the potholder method it takes a bit longer each week to quilt and bind after piecing, but they are such fun. I clean my machine after about 4-5 hours of stitching. I take them in for service every two years or sooner if needed. Since I have 4 machines I am visiting the shop every year!

  5. I love this block!! I have five sewing machines and I clean and oil them regularly when in use. The one I use daily gets cleaned thoroughly each week, especially when using linty thread. I also take that one in to get a good going over at least once a year. The one’s I don’t use daily gets a good cleaning and oiling before I use them again. None of my machines have names unless I get mad at them, ha! ha!

  6. Love the block!! I have two machines a pfaff and a juki. LOVE them both. I do a lite clean often, just dust with a brush what U can see and take apart maybe twice a year, hate to take them anywhere to get cleaned. one in MN and one in AZ so I’m with out a machine when its being cleaned. They do not have names.

  7. Nice block with nice fabrics! I’m so inspired. I have 2 BabyLock and a Singer here in Alaska and I really miss my 2 Pfaffs in storage in Alabama. Wish I had brought all my girls with me!! Recently picked up (rescued) a Singer 66 from the 20’s. Waiting on parts but fully expect it to be up and running soon. It probably just quit making a decent stitch way back when because the bobbin case area was so FULL of lint, quite packed in. Reminds me to clean mine more frequently. Love the blocks, keep ’em coming!

  8. My grandmother thoroughly cleaned and oiled my mother’s 1944 Singer sewing machine after mother finished making each item of clothing on it. It’s now 2017, and that old Singer still runs like it just came off the showroom floor! Recently found the manual online on how to use all the attachments – forgot how to use most of them.

  9. Hi- My first machine was a pfaff it was always my Moms choice of machines because of that walking foot! I did just purchase a new Jamone beast but I frequently fall back to my pfaff!!

  10. Your link for this block comes up now, but before you just had to put in with all the rest and it would come up.

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