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This week – Pins

To pin or not to pin?

I think because I used to make clothes, before I found quiltmaking, I pin.  I have friends that don’t pin, or don’t pin much.  This past winter I made a little 16 patch doll quilt, my personal challenge was: don’t pin.  It turned out fine because I thought about how I was going to press seams before I started.  Fine works for me, perfectionism is over-rated in my book, but once quilted and bound, it looks fantastic!  I look to some of my favorite antique quilts, they are not perfect, but they are absolutely fabulous in color and design.  They make my heart skip a beat.

Back to sewing ‘perfect’.  I’m not a perfect sewer, sometimes things don’t match or line up ‘perfectly’, on those days ‘close counts’, this usually means a thread or two off, not an 1/8″, that I would fix.  Most days I make the choice to keep moving forward.  Once my quilt top is quilted and bound, I don’t see the little ‘not perfect’ things that I can see when making the blocks, one at a time.

Another tip, step away from the block at least 3 feet, can you see the not perfectness?

We don’t live with our quilts 12″ from our nose. Quilting softens a flat quilt top and some small imperfections disappear.  And, if you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t enter my quilts to be judged.  My choice.  If you choose to enter your quilt to be judged, then follow the show rules.

I think on any given day what I do changes a bit, but basically I pin.  I recently make some Ohio Star blocks, 3 3/4″ finished, and didn’t pin (a personal test), and they came out great.

I must confess I pin differently than most.  When I place a pin to hold fabric in place or at a seam intersection, I pin about 1/2″ or so from the seam edge, and parallel to the seam edge. This means I can sew the seam and NOT sew over pins. And, I don’t have to remove them as I’m sewing, can remove them after sewing the seam.  No one showed me this, I wonder if it comes from making clothes and not wanting to sew over pins?  Basically it doesn’t matter to me why I do it, I just do it this way.  lol

Think of this as the non-tip of the day!



block 8

This week’s block is by our friend Betsy Chutchian, go to Betsy’s Blog (listed below) to get the block directions.  I added a bit more pink to my block this week!  This was a fun block to plan and sew.


block 8, pressing

I only needed to clip one seam intersection so I could press the block the way I wanted to press it.

Happy Sewing!



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  1. I appreciate your comments on perfection. I try to do a good job, but if the saleslady helping me select a border years ago hadn’t said, “you have to ask yourself, ‘Can a man riding by on horseback see that the intersection isn’t perfect?'” I’m not sure I would have ever finished that quilt or moved on to other challenges.

    These blocks are really boosting my confidence in my ability to work on smaller projects. Thanks so much.

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