Jo’s Little Favorites II

Russ and I are on vacation in Europe, I’ve had to set up posts to publish while we are away.  If you follow me on Instagram @joquilts you may see a few pictures of our adventures!

Today I want to share a few more of the projects in JLF2, May 2017 release.  You know these are selected from my Jo’s Little Women Clubs.  You had to be a Club member in a Quilt Shop to get the patterns, then I retired each Club at the end of the year.

This is an opportunity to enjoy making some of the quilts you may have missed out on.

Working with Martingale on these projects has been so wonderful, and their photography is yummy and so beautiful.

Gratitude quilt

Have you ever thought of lining a wire basket to show off a quit?


I think by now most of us have wooden ladders to display one or more of our quilts.  The great thing about this is the cat isn’t sleeping on it!  Arlington quilt made with brown Pinwheels, this quilt part of the HST Challenge mentioned below.

HST Challenge:  this small Triangle quilt was part of a Retreat I taught at in Texas a few years ago.  The concept was make a bunch of HST units, either color controlled or scrappy, then play on the design wall and come up with different settings.  I did bring a binder of antique quilt inspirations.  Not sure they loved the idea at the beginning, we are used to getting ‘a project’, but it was great fun to see the many ideas materialize, and see the beautiful variety of quilts. This is one of my small quilts and I hand quilted it, I think it has more vintage charm when I see the dimples of hand quilting.  Probably just me.  lol

Redware and Harvest

This quilt is another of the HST Challenge results.  Brown HST, set with cheddar triangles, a rust print for the large triangles.  It looks pretty nice with my redware dishes, and is perfect for Fall decor.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I make quilts for ‘me’, then I share them with you.

When I make a quilt, I think about how am I going to use it in our home. I’m a traditional quiltmaker, and will always make traditional or reproduction style quilts. I like to make small quilts because they are easy to change out, and . . . I can get them done!  There are lots of quilts I want to make and making a small version makes me very happy!

Hope you have enjoyed a little more of the book preview!

Happy Sewing!


Jo’s Little Favorites II — 6 Comments

  1. Are you selling this book through your website, or must we order it through Martingale? I’m with you, the small quilts are nice because you can change them out and then also make several variations.

  2. Lovely post! I am also a traditional quilter and I make quilts for me. Looking forward to Jo’s Favorites II–already preordered. I am warming up the sewing machine as we speak

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