week 6, block 6 by our friend Carrie Nelson – Sunflower

This week, a wee bit about block pressing . . . many options, many opinions out there.

I try to think about how would ‘I’ quilt this block? If you know me at all, you know I do not MQ, but I used to HQ every quilt I made, yes it was eons ago. I can’t HQ fast enough to keep up.  It is OK with me, MQ has moved to a new beautiful level, it is a very wonderful way to finish our quilts. I have a very good relationship with my long arm quilters, they make my quilts shine!

Next how would this block like to be pressed?

No easy answers, no one size fits all here.  It could differ for me if I was sending out for MQ or if I was HQ.

Yes, a lot of us of still HQ, but me, mostly HQ smaller pieces, I send out larger quilts for MQ. I like to think of it as quilt-by-checkbook.  Get it done mentality.

FYI – I don’t publish every thing I make, some are just for me.  I do love the rhythm of HQ, it is peaceful and love looking at them on the wall at my sewing studio.  FYI – studio is small, do not get any grand ideas.

Pressing is important to me, a well thought out, and well pressed quilt block, then quilt top allows your favorite long arm quilter to do her best work for you.  A serious Win-Win!

Mostly on any given day this process has been known to vary. No hard rules.  Many opinions and options, oops already said that.

This week is our friend Carrie’s sweet Sunflower block!  I did think about yellow blades with a brown center, then I looked at my other blocks, and changed my mind.

week 6, block 6 by Carrie Nelson

My tip for this block is piece the block, then appliqué the circle in the center.

You do not want to catch any of your appliqué stitches when you assemble the block.  I also went with a dark center, you know the Sunflower thing.  Seems I have a blue sunflower with a beautiful blue sky.  Important to me, as it works well with my other blocks.

clipping trick at the four intersections, and how I pressed my block

This is my pressing for this block.  Note that I DO NOT clip at the seam intersection as that would weaken the intersection.

I clip along the seam edge, 1/4″ from the intersection, the clips are 1/2″ apart, sometimes a bit wider of you deal with a diagonal intersection seam.  You can press the seams in the directions they really want to fall, and press the clipped intersection open, to reduce the bulk there.

One more FYI, I sometimes press seams open, because there is too much going on, you will see that in the future BOW

Now I want to say ‘Carrie on’!






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