Moda Blockheads – week 3, block 3

Once again the week has flown by!


My new fabric line ‘Timeless’ arrived at my door.  It ships to your local or fav quilt shop in August! Since time flies these days, you will have it before you know it.

I know you want to see it, I’m adding it to my bin of fabrics for this BOW.

I’ve enjoyed seeing so many beautiful blocks this past week, keep up the great work, and please keep posting to our FB Moda Blockhead page.

The block this week is mine, and called ‘Four X’, enjoy making your version, can’t wait to see yours!

‘Four X’ block


You can see what the other designers did on their Blogs:

Lynne Hagmeier

Blog –

Jan Patek

Blog –

Betsy Chutchian

Blog –

Lisa Bongean

Blog –


Blog –


Here is the link to this weeks block:

Block 3 – Four X – Jo Morton




Moda Blockheads – week 3, block 3 — 10 Comments

  1. Jo are you going to show the step by step instructions on your block like the first two designers did for their blocks ? It is really helpful to see.

    • Yvette, my computer won’t send my email note to your email you posted, it questions your email address.

      The directions page that is the download shows steps and pressing condensed for one page.
      I felt Lynne did step by step due to her ‘layered patchwork’ technique.

      I can post a picture of the back of the block on my blog later today or tomorrow.
      Hope that helps.

      I use my ‘clipping trick’ that is shown in all my JLW Clubs and also in all my books.

    • Jacqueline, Did you click on the link at the bottom of my Blog, do not click on the block, it isn’t a link. Hope this helps!

    • Mary,
      Did you scroll to the bottom of the blog post, then click on the live link there? It is in blue and underscored.
      Clicking on the pattern picture doesn’t work.
      Hope this helps!

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