block 3 pressing

A lady asked about step by step directions, the pattern page shows cutting, row assembly and which way to press.

I’m posting a picture of the black of the block for my pressing, and using my ‘Clipping Trick’ that is described in my JLW Clubs (if you are a member), or in my books.  Hope this is helpful.

block pressing, using my Clipping Trick at seam intersections.

Happy Sewing!



block 3 pressing — 9 Comments

  1. I am only finding pressing directions for blockhead week 3. Please send a link to open actual pattern. Thank you

    • Bonnie,
      You have to go to the Designer’s Blog post to find the live link for the Block. You should be following the 6 designers Blogs. Or follow along on the Facebook Moda Blockheads public site.
      We don’t email out the links, that would be an enormous job!

  2. Owning a shop for 35 years I have had many wonderful memorable moments. Your post reminded me of a Dear, Sweet, Fantastic quilter who told me MANY years ago. If your quilt looks good on the back, it will look great on the front. We have for years lovingly dubbed her the woman with the great looking backside! Been a Jo follower/collector for many years. Thank you.

    • Judy,
      You have to go to the designer’s Blog post for that weeks block, there is a link on her blog post for the pattern.
      Hope this helps!
      The Blog Posts are also posted on the Facebook Moda Blockheads public page.

  3. I love it that you were willing to show your work/craftsmanship by revealing the back of your block, Jo. It inspires me to continue to learn from someone else’s methods. Doing this clipped intersections technique makes it easier to quilt my finished quilt top, at least for me it does. -laughing- To me, quilting thru a “hump” of fabrics stacked on top of each other whether I’m quilting by hand or by machine is maddening! It feels like I’m quilting thru an intersection of denim in the crotch area of a pair of jeans. Doing it once is hard but necessary when you are sewing one pair of jeans. But with piecing a quilt block, not knowing there’s a better way and I repeatedly do it hundreds of times in the multiple joints of a patchwork quilt is like “dumping” dry cream of wheat in a pot of boiling water and expecting it to turn out lump free!

    When you show us how to do that extra step in your methods like this one … clipping the fabrics to prevent that aggravating hump in the multi-layered seam, is like showing me how to gradually “pour” the dry cream of wheat into the pot of boiling water while stirring. Unless of course I plan to shortcut prepare clumpy lumps of cream of wheat to be the pot stickers for warm chocolate or warm cherry pie filling fondue dip. 🙂 But there’s even a better way to make cream of wheat balls than doing the “dump to clump”

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