Blockheads – Block 1

Here is the redo, I should have had coffee first!

Off we go on our 48 week adventure!

I made my first block, hot off the sewing machine at 6pm last night, this is going to be a fun journey, hope you are sewing along with us!

I used a mix of fabrics from the designers lines, can’t wait to see the other’s blocks.

Have a fun day sewing your block!
Block 1 – Whirligig – Kansas Troubles Quilters



Blockheads – Block 1 — 30 Comments

    • How much fabric – I have no idea exactly.
      This is a sew along, our projects are not completed, will know more as we sew along with you. Consider making your blocks scrappy like me, then if we run out of something, can substitute.
      We will be making 48 – 6″ finished blocks, the setting will be decided later. Have fun sewing with us!

  1. I’m so excited to be a part of this ‘Adventure’, thank you! This gives me a chance to use up some fabric that I’ve been hoarding!

  2. I’m new to quilting so can’t work just from a picture. I need directions & wondered where I can sign up to get directions. Thanks!

    • Brenda, To receive the posts each week, you can go to my website:
      Click on the tab on the right side, ‘Jo’s Blog’, when that page opens, again on the right side is a box to enter your email address, my blog posts will be delivered to your email box. You open the post and there will be a link for that week’s block. You can either download the link and leave it on your computer/device, or print it out.
      Or, you can choose one of the other designers and follow their Blogs for the block posts.
      We will all be posting the blocks and links.

      Hope this is helpful!

  3. Thank you for adding me. Yet another block challenge for me to work on. I’m thinking Christmas fabrics. Is there a Fabric Requirement list someplace? Thank you again.

    • No fabric list, we all have made block 1. We will have different settings for our projects, that is where the yardage may/will come in. Sew-along with us, make the blocks and enjoy.

  4. I have never done a sew along before. I made my first block; then I had to make a second one

    I think I missed the info on what day of the week each block is released. When is that?

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