fabric – time to confess or fess up?

Ladies, just like you, I do shop for fabric in quilt shops. Yes I’m a fabric designer, but I like other designers lines and pieces too!

That means I do buy fabrics produced by ‘other’ Fabric Companies.

See I really am just like you.

I love my fabric lines, and have made lots and lots of quilts with them, but I go shopping, just like you do.

I’ve received numerous requests for “what is that border fabric” on a couple of quilts in the “Simple Friendships” book that is co-authored with my friend Kim Diehl.

Shhh, I have a closet of non-Jo fabric, of course I’ve been quilting since 1980, the early fabrics were no where near the gorgeous quality we have today, so I’m guessing my closet is collecting from around 20 years ago to recent. My closet makes me happy, not saying how big my closet is, because we don’t compare our fabric collections do we.

Here is a picture of the 2 pieces most requested, and I also show you that I have one design also in red and brown, so you will probably see it in a red and brown quilt at some point.

One fabric is Blue Hill (no longer in business), the other is a Windham.  I have no idea how old either are, no years are printed on fabric line selvages.  But I’m guess 3 to 5 years old.

Substituting could probably be the key, pick a border fabric, then the accompanying pieces to sew the blocks.  Make your life easier!

Happy Sewing!

requested fabric info


fabric – time to confess or fess up? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jo,
    My stash is getting bigger every week it seems. I love fabric shopping.
    What I have noticed is that I gravitate to your fabrics. I will choose a bolt that I really like, not knowing it is one of yours. So, I have to admit the majority of my stash is Jo Mortons. I love them all!
    Can’t wait to see you at retreat!
    Robin Mike

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