Update February 15th on 2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW

First you ladies make me smile, some address notes to ‘staff’ at Jo Morton Quilts. Please let me introduce you to Chloe:


Most of the time Chloe can be found here resting, or curled up in one of the chairs around the house, she isn’t worth a darn in my office, she shuffles paperwork, that move is not appreciated, but other than that, she is kind of cute, a sweet kitty and has a great motor!

Back to ‘business’, many have asked or begged for more of the Reflections bundles.  Last Saturday I hired three friends, we cut from all 34 pieces of Reflections, then assorted them into piles of 24 pieces for the bundles.  I don’t have enough fabric to cut more for you, I had no idea of the response would be as great as it was, it sold out in about 4 1/2 hours, sorry the planning on my end was lacking, but then in my defense, this is my ‘first’ BOW or a sew along.

My suggestion, if you missed out on a bundle, how about checking with your local or fav quilt shop, buy a layer cake of Reflections!  Then you will have pieces of ‘all’ of the 34 fabrics in the line, plus some duplicates as all layer cakes have 42 pieces.

So, you will be able to join in the fun, just another step.  You have time we don’t officially begin until March 8th.

The other frequently asked question, where do we get the blocks?

‘Follow’ one or all of the Blogs or websites from the participating designers mentioned below, each week we will show that weeks block in our fabric choices accompanied by the free PDF pattern download.  You click on the link and print it out.

Lynne Hagmeier
Jo Morton
Jan Patek
Lisa Bongean
Carrie Nelson
Thanks for reading this far, Chloe sends her best!
Happy Sewing!


Update February 15th on 2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW — 10 Comments

  1. Hahahaha, Jo! Loved meeting your staff. I have a similar staff at home :-). Wondering if you all are planning to different “finish” settings and, if so, will you be providing finishing kits? I’m very excited about this! Also, to those of you who didn’t get a kit, if your local fabric shop doesn’t have the layer cakes, Missouri Star Quilt Co. did. Is it OK of I say this here?

  2. Confession: I bought a fat quarter bundle of Gratitude, but haven’t used them yet! I bought a mini-charm pack of it and made a spool mini using it so I could see the line. Something kept saying, “Wait!”on using the fat quarters. Then I bought a layer cake of Reflections to “wait” with gratitude! So…I’m ready for BOW!

  3. Jo, I am lucky, I got one of your starter packs! So excited to have my fav designers working together…
    The link above for Jan Patek doesn’t take me to her blog, so I am not sure if I got signed up with her. Will each pattern appear only on the individual blogs or will you publish each other’s patterns?

  4. What a cute helper. My fabric just arrived and I really like it. Thanks for all of your hard work. I look forward to starting this.

  5. Thanks Jo, your helper is so cute 🙂
    I bought a Reflections layer cake a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would use that…So excited can’t wait to get started!

  6. Hi Jo, your helper is so cute 🙂
    I bought a Reflections layer cake a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would use that.
    So excited to get started. Thanks again!

  7. Hi Jo, I love that quilt that Chloe is sitting on, my staff does not have those kind of perksI already have the reflections fabric, so am anxious for the patterns…
    Sheila O’Shay

  8. Wow, I really got lucky. I was able to get one of your fabric packs. I love it!! Thanks so much for the hard work of you and your friends.

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