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Moda BOW Designers, Lynne, Jan, Betsy, Lisa, Jo and our 6th partner is the famous Carrie Nelson!


This fun Block of the Week officially starts Wednesday March 8, Lynne of Kansas Troubles is the kick off designer.

I know you want to sew along with us!

I’ll have my bundles, like the other designers, 24 pieces of ‘Sweet 16’s” cuts, these are 9″ x 11″ pieces, from my new ‘Reflections’ line that shipped in late January, so it is brand new!  My line has a total of 34 pieces so the bundles will vary a bit.

Bundle price is $18.00, plus a flat $6.00 USPS shipping, this will be a buy now on my website.  If you live in Nebraska sales tax will be added to the $24.00 total.

My bundles will be available for purchase next week, check the front page for the ‘buy now’ button.

Watch for our logo, don’t want to miss anything!

Stay tuned for updates, looking forward to sewing with you!





2017 Moda BlockHeads BOW — 35 Comments

  1. Thanks for the clear information on purchasing the bundle. It sounds so cool, favorite fabric and favorite designers! And payday is next week!

    • Martine, the blocks are a weekly free download beginning in March, shipping the fabric bundle, sorry to say a Flat Rate Envelope to France is $32.95, the bundle is $18.00, for a total of $50.95 USD.

    • Hi Joan,
      Each designer will be posting that week’s block link on their blog, each week beginning – Wednesday March 8th for a total of 48 weeks, it is a free download, that you print out.

      As far as I know not in one central location.
      If you are signed up for one of the designers Blog Posts, you are covered, as they will arrive in your mailbox.
      Happy Sewing!

  2. OK, so I posted more than once that I wanted the starter pack. Now, I see that it went on sale yesterday and I’ve already missed it. I’m excited about this BOW, but am frustrated that I have to go all over the place to get the paks. This is the last one I needed and now I can’t get it. What do I do now?

  3. If the suggested bundle is not available, what types of fabrics would you suggest to purchase in order to have enough for all the blocks to come?

  4. How do we make sure we get all instructions for each block? Is there a list of the total amount of fabric we will need to complete the challenge?

    • Hi Sandy,

      No list of how much fabric, as we are also sewing along. We are all Moda designers and will be using our Moda lines to make the blocks, I’m sewing with the other designers fabrics besides mine.

      The setting will be decided down the road, as we make the blocks with you.

      The blocks finish 6”, there are 48 blocks.
      If you have a fabric collection, select a group of fabrics, select colors you like together, and let the fun begin. I would set them aside for this project.

      To receive the posts each week, you can go to my website: http://www.jomortonquilts.com
      Click on the tab on the right side, ‘Jo’s Blog’, when that page opens, again on the right side is a box to enter your email address, my blog posts will be delivered to your email box. You open the post and there will be a link for that week’s block. You can either download the link and leave it on your computer/device, or print it out.
      Or choose one of the other designers and follow their Blogs for the block posts.

      Hope this helps!
      Join in the fun!

    • Patti, it is an older background design, it was reprinted in ‘Jo’s Best Friends’ a few years ago. I have no idea what shops ordered my lines or who may still have some. Try on social media, or have you googled the sku/pattern number? Sometimes a google search is the easy answer. Good luck! Jo

    • My bundles are gone, other designers may still have some bundles. Or, use fabric you have, is another option.
      There is a Facebook Moda Blockheads group, you can find the past block files there.
      Be sure and sign up for the 6 designer Blogs, read all of them each week for extra tips.
      Come play with us!

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