‘Simple Friendships’

Seems Facebook isn’t taking my pushes from Instagram.  There are other ways to get the word out . . . here are my quilts in our book.

Kim has added appliqué to her projects, she is well know for doing that, this book has something for everyone!

I know you will want to make some, make that ‘all’, of these projects with your friends. Block Exchanges are so much fun, you will be making special memory quilts.  Nothing better than time with friends and making memories.


James River Crossing


Berry Baskets


Apple Cider

Blueberry Buckle



Ask for ‘Simple Friendships’ book by Martingale at your local or favorite quilt shop, or . . . you can order the book on my website, go to the home page.

Enjoy many happy sewing days ahead!




‘Simple Friendships’ — 18 Comments

  1. I’m eager to receive my book. Jo, your quilts with their compatible color, contrast and value; along with throwing in a “make do” bit of fabric is not only eye candy, but a delight that calms my soul.

    It truly does remind me of the antique scrappies that I cherish. Back when scrappies were just that … scraps and bits of fabrics left over from sewing garments for one’s self and their family. You didn’t have clothes if you didn’t sew!

    Thank you for thinking out of the box. Thank you.

  2. I have to say that I would make every one of those litle quilts but it will take me ages because I hand piece. Definately on my “to buy” list. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m a hand piecer, too. It’s a method that is fading from our much loved craft. If I could encourage quilt teachers/instructors to teach a class, it would be how to accurately perform hand piecing. It gives a greater appreciation of the antique quilts that we all love so much.

      • I do hand piece some blocks for projects, then assemble the tops on the machine. Most of the time we are on deadlines and don’t have the luxury of hand piecing the entire project. I currently have two hand piecing projects, one is the Panama Pyramids sew along, I’m in no hurry, it is a great take along project! Both are no deadline projects. This doesn’t include the couple of EPP projects on the side too. Happy Stitching!

  3. Love Kim and Love Jo – can’t wait for this fun book to arrive in my mailbox. Thank you for collaborating and joining your quilting skills for an amazing extravaganza. HUGS

    • Martine, I’m very sorry to inform you that the fee for the Flat Rate Envelope is $32.95, plus the book price. I based the pre-order pricing the book at $24.00, the $30.00 included shipping in the USA. $32.95 plus $24.00 would total $56.95.

  4. Received my book yesterday. Read it cover to cover. Can’t wait to get started on James River Crossing. Thank you for signing it! I’m such a fan.

  5. I received my book last week and it was even better than I had anticipated. I just LOVE the Twilight quilt. Is there anywhere that tells me what fabric line or collections were used? There are several pieces I can’t identify or find at all.

    • Hi Susan,

      The quilts in our book were not made from ‘a fabric line’, but from color selections.
      Kim and I both have very nice collections – I just know it even though I’ve not been there, I mean look at her quilts!
      I have problems with the word ‘stash’ it sounds like something that should be hidden.
      I think my fabric collection looks awesome on shelves that I can see when I walk into the room, I can shop at home, so to speak.
      I love a fabric shopping trip to enhance my collection.

      I’ve been buying fabrics for ‘a while’, I’ve been quilting since 1980, I don’t have many of those early fabrics as the quality isn’t near as good as what we can buy these days. Boy are we lucky to have wonderful quality and selection!
      I have a nice ‘fabric collection’ to select pieces to make quilts. Yes I use some pieces that are around 20 years old. Yes, I’m going to use old and new together, that is the fun part for me, and justification for buying it.

      I’ve always worked this way, living 50 miles from a quilt shop, it seems logical to have fabric on hand to make quilts. Don’t ask my husband about that logic, OK?
      I find it to be so much fun to pull fabrics, lay them out on the cutting table, am I missing something I want/need for a new project? If it looks good, I begin cutting!

      Probably not the answer you want, but it is how I make quilts.
      You won’t find some of the pieces you see in the quilts, but I’m sure you can find something that will work the same.
      Happy Sewing!

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