4 3/4″ hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

This is a new project, I started piecing the blocks in early June, I used Cindy Blackberg’s stamp set ‘Carpenter Stars’.  I probably sewed half of the blocks in the car, the other half watching TV.  I made 52 star blocks and used 49 of them in this quilt.  I was going to make 64 blocks and decided 49 would be enough.

This is the center of the quilt top, will share the finish after it is machine quilted and bound.  I’ve wanted to make a soft colored quilt for some time, this may be it.


4 3/4" hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

4 3/4″ hand pieced LeMoyne Stars

If you notice toward the center in the second from the bottom row, one of the squares of the stripe fabric was sewn in turned the other way.  I did notice it and decided it didn’t hurt anything and left it.  I like quirks in my quilts from time to time, how about you?

There is a song about this . . . ‘Let it Go’!

Please sing along with me!   lol

Happy Stitching!



4 3/4″ hand pieced LeMoyne Stars — 12 Comments

  1. Quirky stuff in quilts make docents happy at museums, so way to go, Jo! Keep ’em guessing (“Why did she do that?”).

  2. Love your LeMoyne Quilt. One like it is on my “Someday” list. Burgoyne has an oops too. Had Jo Gals search for it. I “Let it Go” Melissa, my machine quilter found and had to “recalculate.”. She said she giggled when she found it.

  3. I love your quilt and I think that leaving the misplaced block there is rather fun. I always come back to the fact that it is “patch” work and I have done similar things myself. It all adds to the character and quirkiness..

  4. My youngest had pointed out that one of the blocks was wrong. I said It was my signature to have one block off. It makes people look puzzled when they see your quilt or maybe only if you really point it out.

  5. The more I get to know you thru FB and other media I like you! Love the “quirks” and love your attitude! Make it fun! Oh, and also love this quilt!

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