Hollyhocks – new fabric line

New fabric line – Hollyhocks – shipped in February!

Since we have been offering smaller groups, only needed to create two color-ways.

The first is in reds and greens – perfect for the Christmas Holidays, or any time of the year!

red and green color way of Hollyhocks

red and green color-way of Hollyhocks


Next up – black and brown color-way, beautiful for Fall or any time of the year!

Hollyhocks black:brown:gold



Here is a sneak peek at the gorgeous quilt that Candy has designed using Hollyhocks.  Thank You Candy for another wonderful project!

Candy also added pieces from my next group ‘Mill Run Shirtings’ – 12 pieces to add to your fabric collection in April.

Candy's FTU for Hollyhocks!


You can see the fabrics on my website, bundles are available if your local or favorite shop didn’t get this line.

One thing I love about winter – staying home and sewing!




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  1. I will buy this fabric and wait for the Shirtings. Can you carry this pattern? This is one of the prettiest quilts I’ve seen this year!

  2. Shopping on Saturday and saw the new line so of course I had to get some. Very nice line Jo. Also got to peek at your new sewing machine, nice 🙂

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