Book News!

First — I forgot to mention that the picture of the quilt in my Hollyhocks post earlier this month, is the FTU (free to use) quilt pattern, it is available at  Or you can find it on my website, by clicking on the picture of the quilt on my home page, the pdf file will pop up for you to print out.  Easy!

Second — After the long winter in most of our country, and it is St. Patrick’s Day – saving some green for you by offering a sale on the 4 most recent books I published —  ‘For All Seasons’, ‘Banner Day’, Prairie Flowers Encore’, and ‘Coming Home’.

For All Seasons

For All Seasons

Banner Day

Banner Day

Prairie Flowers Encore

Prairie Flowers Encore

Coming Home

Coming Home

Now is the time to make something fresh for spring!

Always remember that quilts can be made in other colors, consider Holiday themes, how about ‘your’ favorite colors!  You can also make them bigger, or make them smaller, make a square quilt oblong, make an oblong quilt square, or make a skinny quilt (aka a table runner), make them to suit your needs.

These books have been discounted 25%.

Find these deals here!


Yesterday March 16 in Nebraska we reached a high of 86 degrees, broke a record – way too warm and fast.  Today March 17 forecast a high of 55 (30 degrees cooler), it was 34 earlier this morning – hate these big temperature swings – hard to dress comfortably when spring/summer is still packed away.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m thinking a green salad for lunch, how about you?

This evening my wine will be red, not green, just so you know!





Hollyhocks – new fabric line

New fabric line – Hollyhocks – shipped in February!

Since we have been offering smaller groups, only needed to create two color-ways.

The first is in reds and greens – perfect for the Christmas Holidays, or any time of the year!

red and green color way of Hollyhocks

red and green color-way of Hollyhocks


Next up – black and brown color-way, beautiful for Fall or any time of the year!

Hollyhocks black:brown:gold



Here is a sneak peek at the gorgeous quilt that Candy has designed using Hollyhocks.  Thank You Candy for another wonderful project!

Candy also added pieces from my next group ‘Mill Run Shirtings’ – 12 pieces to add to your fabric collection in April.

Candy's FTU for Hollyhocks!


You can see the fabrics on my website, bundles are available if your local or favorite shop didn’t get this line.

One thing I love about winter – staying home and sewing!