Christmas decor

First I want to say I really don’t understand Facebook.

I can’t ‘see’ shares, so I don’t know if they really shared.

With that thought in mind and since we are close to Christmas . . .


I want to share some family room decor.  Are you ready for Christmas?  Me neither but I will be!

Family Room Christmas decor - well some of it.

Family Room Christmas decor – well some of it.


Russ and I began collecting hand carved folk art Santa’s in the later 1980’s, these (and more) are from a Nebraska carver, we would save up to purchase one a year in an antique shop, in Lincoln, Nebraska (the shop closed at least a decade ago).  Couldn’t wait for her Christmas open house.  The open house was the kick off and inspiration for decorating at home.  Notice the Santa Crow on the left?  The carver had a great sense of humor.  Makes me smile every year.

I’m sure you have your own special Christmas memories when you unpack to decorate. Enjoy!





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    • Hi Kay,
      The quilt was in my book Vintage Journey – so sorry it is out of print, no copies left.
      I’m pondering the idea of re-publishing it as a pattern.
      Stay tuned!
      Thanks for your note and Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Hi Jo – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand Facebook. I still struggle with my cell phone sometimes! I also love the quilt, I think I have the book – I hope I do. If not, I’ll hope it is released again. Love your patterns and your fabric…… Linda

  2. I’m so glad you identified the quilt pattern. The quilt is beautiful. FB has it’s own mind and the administrators want to keep us guessing! Merry Christmas, Jo.

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who does not understand facebook. But anyway I love your quilt and your folk art santa’s. I just love to get out all my special treasures this time of year. They bring back memories of going to all the neat places that are no longer open. Have a wonderful holiday Jo.

  4. Merry Christmas Jo and Russ. Enjoy this special time of year. Your decorations are beautiful. Give my best to all the girls and Merry Christmas

  5. What a lovely elegant display and your small quilt is the perfect backdrop. I love the carved Santa’s. I have a collection of papier mache Santas that I made years ago and I put them on display every year! Guess I had better get them out soon!

    Like many of the others I’m not on Facebook and have no plans to get started!

  6. Love your quilt ! I would so very much like this pattern as well ! Would be really special if it was kitted too! ^;^ If you are looking for a primitive wood carver who also has some very special Santa’s check out Marlene She lives in Chelsea, MI. Merry Christmas and the Best to you in the New Year.

    • Thank for your comment, hate to say I’m NOT looking to add to our Santa collection, the picture I posted only shows a part of it. 🙂
      I checked out her website, and I bookmarked it, maybe something for another season or reason? Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

      • Mine are by a Nebraska carver, retired a number of years ago. I’ll have to check out Marlene’s work, have a little room left! Merry Christmas!

        • Hi Jo,
          Pam Schmidt here. I just found your blog. I do remember Annies. How we all waited for her Christmas open house. I have a shamrock necklace made by the same Ne. carver,
          I loved his hearts too. My that was along time ago. Time flies when we are having fun.
          I am glad that you are doing well. Your post made me smile. Thanks. Take care.

  7. I’ve made only one of your quilts, Jo’s Girls series. Love it and thoroughly enjoyed making it. This is a very pretty wall hanging; I’d like to do it too.

    • Will put ‘Warm Wishes’ on a wish list for next year. I already have a current get done list. 🙂 Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

  8. I enjoyed seeing your lovely Christmas quilt and wood Santas. I so love seeing others rooms and decorations – I always get so many ideas. Keep sharing!

  9. Of course Santa Crow is my favorite…it would be perfect to display at our shoppe, The Quilted Crow in Boxborough, MA. Always love your decorating ideas Jo…thanks for sharing!!!

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