Time to share

Friday evening, October 17th, mother passed peacefully in her home, she was 92.   With the help of hospice and my sister and her two adult children, we were able to do this for our mother/grandmother.  Hospice was so wonderful in helping us through this journey with mom.

She is free of her worn out body, young and beautiful again, with family and friends in the hereafter.

No service at this time as her body was donated to the Anatomical Board.  After they have learned from her body, she will be cremated, then there will be a memorial service.  This could be six months to one year or more.

Ever since her heart attack with many complications over 5 years ago, if I asked her what she needed, she would always reply ‘a new body’, we would laugh together and work toward keeping her old body going with many meds and doctor appointments.   She was quite a trooper though everything.  This summer after falling and breaking the smaller bone in her right leg near her ankle, her health deteriorated.  Hospice explained that sometimes something like a broken bone is just too much with all the other ailments and the body begins its last journey.  Certainly has been interesting and feel blessed to be part of it.

I’m so grateful for the peaceful passing for both mom and our family.

Yes, I still drove to Houston to do the Schoolhouse for Andover Fabrics, stayed and visited with friends and that was uplifting for my soul.

My new JLW Club for 2015 will be slightly delayed.  I’ll have info to email to Quilt Shops in December, shops can pre-order Shop Kits for shipping mid January, and order or pre-order the member pattern sets that will be available in February.

Appreciate your patience and understanding.