Old Log Cabin blocks – finally assembled

I’ve been doing some cleaning out at the studio, also re-organizing, did some purging, the purge went to other homes and donated to charity quilts.  I’m very happy that it is now easier to work at the studio.

However, I kind of unearthed some things that I hadn’t seen for a while.  I kept them, now to figure out what to do with the keepers.  This is about one plastic bin of Log Cabin blocks.

I used to sell small quilts at Folk Art Shows in the 1990’s.  I would sew blocks and also hired a friend to sew ‘sets’ of Log Cabin blocks.  I would use them in assorted quilts.  In my cleaning mode I found a treasure trove of over 60 Log Cabin blocks.

I’ve played with them on the design wall, re-arranged the blocks several times, tried several settings, tried to arrange to make a few smaller quilts, nothing spoke to me.  I put them back in the plastic bin and on a shelf in the closet.

Recently I was looking at Pinterest and a Log Cabin setting jumped out at me. . . .

Log Cabin - setting

I have some Log Cabin blocks, I think I can have my version of this quilt soon!

Below is what my version looks like, and it was sewn together last Saturday, because it was a Sewing Saturday!

And . . . I still have some blocks left over, will play with them another day.

I think I’ve selected a border fabric (brown print of course), will have to piece the border strips because I only bought one yard, it is OK with me, what is a seam here or there, it is called ‘make do’.

I ‘always’ cut lengthwise strips for borders, I don’t cut from selvage to selvage, it is too stretchy for me.  Now, here is the exception . . . if the border fabric is a stripe, and I like how it looks cut cross wise.  I will stay-stitch the outer edge of the border before sending the quilt out for machine quilting.  There are ways to work around ‘rules’, because ‘there are no rules’, there are ‘many options’.

Jo's Log Cabin

What do you think?  I’m happy that I’m using up some of the blocks, mostly because the blocks are really nice, the result looks antique to me.

I’ll send this out to be machine quilted one of these days, right now am busy getting ready for my Retreat here in Nebraska City next week.

Happy Sewing!


Old Log Cabin blocks – finally assembled — 19 Comments

  1. The quilt is beautiful! Maybe you could use some of the blocks on the back if there aren’t enough for another quilt! Just a thought….

  2. I love it ! I have been working on my little log cabin quilt that I started a couple of weeks ago in a Candy Hargrove class. She was able to turn on the light bulb in my brain about how to piece these little quilts with accuracy ! Yeah ! Thanks for the great inspiration !

  3. The layout is perfect for your scrappy log cabin blocks. Great tip to share about borders and no rules and many options! Thank you :0)

  4. there are no rules’, there are ‘many options’. Love hat thought that opens up a whole new world doesn’t it?
    Beautiful finished quilt. Love it.

  5. love the biegey & red log cabin very much…looks very vintagey…which i love with the prims…is there a pattern for this? where can i git it…? thank*U

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