Haberdashery bundles – thank you!

Well that went fast – thanks for your orders!

I’ve reordered Haberdashery, will be a while, seems to be a little popular, waiting for the next boat to arrive.

Happy Stitching!


Haberdashery bundles – thank you! — 8 Comments

  1. I saw it at the quilt show in Hershey last week. Love it. I will get it next time I am at the Old Country Store in Intercourse, Pa. THey have re-opened.

    • You should always try your local or fav quilt shop first, I hear from sooooo many people that their local quilt shop doesn’t carry Jo, I decided to try to help some of them out!

      • Thank you for suggesting that folks buy from their local quilt shop. Quilt shops won’t stay in business if we all start purchasing fabric directly from the designers. In the end, quilt shop owners will hesitate to carry Jo’s fabrics if it’s not selling and small shops may be forced to close. Many quilt shops haven’t received their product yet, so be sure to find out if they’ve ordered it before purchasing it online.

        • Heather Wheeler,
          I do suggest the folks buy from their local quilt shop. I also hear from ‘lots of folks’ that their local quilt shop doesn’t carry what they are looking for, so they go on-line to order what they want. The world of commerce has certainly changed with the internet, it gives people the option to shop elsewhere and have it show up on their doorstep. I do think local quilt shops have to work harder these days to attract shoppers. So many people are very busy and don’t have time to go shopping, so. . . No easy answers. I like to believe ‘change is good’, but . . . . . time will tell, won’t it.

  2. I have tried to buy Jo’s fabrics locally, but for some reason they do not carry it because the owner or buyer has changed her likes,
    will keep checking with stores within driving distance.

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