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This comments was on my 4th of July post:

I love every one of these beauties. My question is, how do you store everything: keeping the fold lines out, what containers or storage do you suggest, stop the pieces from fading? Thank you for sharing. . . .


This is my reply – a short version of course

I have 3 cupboards full of quilts, no containers or bins for storage.  Quilts folded across the foot of the bed get changed out to avoid fading, also keep blinds drawn in bedroom.

Re: fold lines

1. I do use 100% cotton batting in all my quilts, the hard to find Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon batting.

2. I fold 2 to 3 ‘like size’ quilts together to buffer the folds, refold a couple times of year, the inside quilt moves to another position.

3. Never fold a quilt on the center, I fold off center, and on mid size quilts fold into thirds (again 2 or three quilts layered).

4. Always fold with the quilt top on the outside, the hard creases are on the inside folds.

5. These are all things I figured out on my own, mostly due to traveling with quilts and want them to look as good as possible when taken out of the suitcase or in rare occasions shipped, also applies to quilts in cupboards. Be sure to have barrier fabric between quilt and wood.

6. For these reasons I fold up my quilts after a lecture and thank people for offering to help, but I’d rather do it myself, rather than go back to room and re-fold for return trip.

Hope this info is helpful in some small way to your care of your quilts.

Here is a picture of one of my cupboards full of quilts, the top two shelves are Jo Quilts.  The bottom two shelves are antique quilts or antique tops.


Have a great day that hopefully includes some sewing time!



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  1. Jo, how do you line the inside walls of the cabinet? I understand laying something on the shelves to protect the quilts, but am trying to figure out what is used to protect the quilts from the rest of the wood it may touch in the cabinet 🙂

    • The outside measurements of the cabinet is: 83 high, 33 wide and 19 deep.
      The deepness sold me, it is hard to fold quilts to fit on a 12″ deep shelf.

  2. I layer my antique quilts on my spare bedroom bed with the outer quilt a new one which goes with the décor. Of course, I’m only talking about 4-5 quits!

  3. I never fold my quilts. Only if I am mailing it to someone. Right now I have 50 plus quilts in a bedroom that I never use. Blind is down with glaze on the glass to block glare. It takes me awhile to find the perfect one to use when I want it, but there are no lines in the quilts. I love walking by the room and looking in.

  4. Good idea Alberta but I like how Jo has the in a cupboard so they are visible. Great cabinet and helpful information for many to use Jo.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been folding my quilts with the back to the outside. Had not thought of folding them together to help with the folds. I’m going to be refolding quilts tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for sharing…love the cabinet. I only fold quilts that I know I won’t be hanging up, any others (my favorites) I hang in my closet with hangers especially designed for pants, they work perfectly.

    • Hi Lois, re: the quilt on the wall – sorry no pattern available, the LeMoyne Stars are hand pieced, and the center block is broderie perse, not popular enough to publish. Happy you and me like it though! 🙂

  7. Why is it so hard to find a quilt storage cabinet like the one you have? I’ve looked and looked and have no luck at all. Where did you get yours?

    • We have a Primitive Shop here in Nebraska City, I bought it from them a few years ago. Find a shop where they can make some of the items they sell. I know it isn’t easy, but it seems to be easier in the midwest, also Missouri is a good place to look around.

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