New line shipping soon

‘Haberdashery’ a new small group arriving soon in your local/favorite Quilt Shop – 11 pieces, consisting of soft tans and soft grays for backgrounds and a sweet floral that combines the two color ways.

I know you will have fun playing and sewing with these!

4 of the patterns are Mill Engravings, the detail is lovely.




Haberdashery bundle

I think you need at least a FQ Bundle, don’t you?

Happy Stitching!





New line shipping soon — 15 Comments

    • I’m not a fabric or quilt historian. Not every document or quilt, or quilt top or block I purchase is dated.
      The Mill engravings are ‘earlier’, the floral, I have no idea of the time period, not sure on the little stripe either.
      I always say my designs are 19th Century, anywhere from 1830’s through 1890’s.
      I know, disappointing to people trying to re-create period quilts.

      If one is a student of antique fabrics, perhaps just knowing some are Mill engravings is helpful?
      Happy Quilting!

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