Happy 4th of July!

American Flag Lady - vintage

American Flag Lady – vintage


I want to share some of my Americana/Patriotic quilts and how I’m using them this year.  Hope this is inspiring to you!

studio set

This setting is at the studio, the runner is in my Banner Day book.  I’ve had the stool for a long time, my uncle built it for me and a friend painted it in stars and stripes.  I’ve always loved Americana in our home.  Some years I’ve had a summer tree decorated with Americana.  The pincushion was made by Candy Hargrove, love it!  The doll was made by a lady I met at Road to CA a few years ago, she has since moved to another state, she sold some handmade items though Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in Vista, CA and I was lucky enough to buy this one.

Chloe with Americana pillows

Chloe resting against Patriotic pillows, will have to get the hand vac out I’m sure.

Patriotic Snowball quilt from Banner Day book

Petit Snowball quilt in Patriotic colors for summer, pattern in my Banner Day book.  I keep thinking I should make one of these in Christmas colors or Fall colors too.

repro doll quilt atop a document box on bucket bench

Repro doll quilt from several years ago, this year it is resting atop a document box on a tall bucket bench with a rye straw basket on it.  Americana happiness peeking out.  🙂

Liberty Star Sampler from Banner Day

Liberty Star Sampler quilt from my Banner Day book. This year over the cupboard door, last year over a wing chair.  Mine is cotton on cotton, but it could certainly be wool appliqué on cotton!

Eagle Medallion from 2001, over the loveseat in the den

Eagle Medallion from 2001, still love this quilt, this summer it is over the loveseat in the den where I stitch.  The book that the pattern was in, is out of print of course, 2001 is a long time ago in quilt years.

Courthouse Steps from Remembrances book

Decided to change out the quilt over the cupboard door with this Courthouse Steps from my Remembrances book.  I don’t have enough places to display quilts, what to do?  Change them out so I can enjoy them all!

flagpincushion in Banner Day book

And last, but not least . . . must sew with flag pincushion this time of year.

Safe travels over the long weekend.  Enjoy time with friends and family and maybe time for a stitch or two.





Happy 4th of July! — 9 Comments

  1. Love all your red, white and blue quilts……I also have a tree all decked out and when the lights come on I have an ornament that plays the star spangled banner….so fun!

  2. I love seeing your patriotic display for Independence Day. Others are showing theirs as well. We’re in the process of moving, so mine are packed away right now and I miss them! Happy 4th!

  3. Everything so tastefully displayed. Beautiful! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend in this great country of ours. Happy 4th everyone.

  4. I love every one of these beauties. My question is, how do you store everything: keeping the fold lines out, what containers or storage do you suggest, stop the pieces from fading? Thank you for sharing the wealth of what you do so well.

    • I have 3 cupboards full of quilts. Quilts folded across the foot of the bed get changed out to avoid fading, also keep blinds drawn in bedroom.
      Re: fold lines
      1. I do use 100% cotton batting in all my quilts.
      2. I fold 2 to 3 ‘like size’ quilts together to buffer the folds, refold a couple times of year, the inside quilt moves to another position.
      3. Never fold on the center, I fold off center, and on mid size quilts fold into thirds (again 2 or three quilts layered).
      4. Always fold with the quilt top on the outside, the hard creases are on the inside folds.
      5. These are all things I figured out on my own, mostly due to traveling with quilts and want them to look as good as possible when taken out of the suitcase or in rare occasions shipped, also applies to quilts in cupboards. Be sure to have barrier fabric between quilt and wood.
      6. For these reasons I fold up my quilts after a lecture and thank people for offering to help, but I’d rather do it myself, rather than go back to room and re-fold for return trip.

  5. Hi Jo- love your quilts. I sometimes run out of creative steam when quilting and have to take a break and seeing your posts gives me a renewed burst to dive in again. I cant imagine an occasion or place where a quilt wouldn’t be a welcomed guest and having quilts designated for special holidays must be like visiting old friends year after year. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

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