Did you miss me?

Time certainly has a way moving along without me Blogging.

After Houston I had a teaching trip to Waterloo, IA, followed by a get away with friends to McKinney, TX.  I know, I was close to McKinney as I drove home from Houston.

I’ve told friends ‘no’ for so long (can you say years) about joining in a little trip of sewing and shopping, I knew I had to say yes or they wouldn’t ask me again.  I’m so happy I said yes, so very happy.  Now I know how much ‘you’ girls enjoy retreats and an overnight sewing/shopping trip with your girl friends.  I know I will do this again.

When I got home I had to write the directions for the new JLW Club 13 for 2014.  This year, because I was home more, I made better notes as the quilts were made, much better notes that allowed the writing to go smoother than it has ever gone before.  Lucky Club 13 for me!

Monday I contacted the two printers, uploaded the files for the Member Pattern sets for printing (due to their Holiday schedule), my job will be ready in January.

I ordered new wholesale invoices with the new Club 13 listed and removed Club 12.

I uploaded large jpeg files so the poster could be printed, will see a proof next week.

Now that I have the big deadline met, I can get some other things caught up around here and then decorate for the Holidays.  The other thing I’ve promised myself is to decorate soon to be enjoyed by all.

And I do plan to get back into the Blogging mode soon.  Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and wish you the sentiment on the antique postcard below.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. You “sew” deserve your girls get-away! Glad you could go and have fun! I am “sew” thankful for all your beautiful fabrics, patterns, books, retreats, etc. You are quite the enabler! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Glad to hear you are catching up Jo. Having everything ready for Club 13 must be a big weight lifted off your shoulders. The projects I have seen are awesome, thanks for all your hard work.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Russ.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jo. I enjoy how we’ve bantered back and forth about me coming to stay at your place……not; it has been fun. Looking forward to the next Club. I’m a good collector of your fabric and patterns but have never made a quilt. One day I will. Take care.

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